Sport & Recreation

Wolfson has many different sports clubs and there are fitness classes throughout the week for members to participate in. Our sports facilities include a gym, sports field, squash, tennis, and basketball courts and access to the river Cherwell.

Click here for more information about safe use of sports facilities during Covid-19.

Sports Room/Gym

Open from 6.30am-11pm. We have a fully equipped sports room complete with running machines, cross trainers, a cycle machine, rowing machine, weights and lots more. 

  • We charge a small joining fee to go towards the upkeep and replacement of the Gym equipment (currently £20 graduates and £30 others) and use of the Sports Room is then free. 
  • Entry normally via your University Card. However due to Covid-19 bookings should be made at the Lodge and entry by key fob obtained from the Lodge.  A maximum of two hourly slots permitted per day (sessions cannot run consecutively) and a maximum of two people allowed in the Gym at a time.  Please clean all equipment after use.
  • Click here to watch our Gym Induction.
  • The Gym may only be used by members of the College and Common Room who have watched the induction online and completed a PAR-Q medical form.  This form should be emailed to the to the Common Room Administrator and you will then be added to list of Gym users held at the Lodge. You cannot invite friends or personal trainers from outside the college to come and work out with you.   Due to Covid-19 Members of Common Room are currently not allowed in College.
  • There is a Gym Rep if you would like to contact someone about the Sports Room.
  • There is also an Erg room in College.

Please see Fitness Guidelines PDF attached below together with the PAR-Q Medical Form.

Sports Field 

This field is located behind M block and Catherine Marriott Building where football matches are played and with markings for hockey and a running track in the summer. Volleyball and cricket practices can sometimes be held here too. 

Squash Courts

These two courts are located beside the Robin Gandy Buildings. The courts are open 24 hours a day and should be booked via Keycard entry or a key may be signed out from the Lodge, which is open from 7am to 11pm daily.  There is no charge to use the squash courts.  There are showers and lockers which may be used by all members.

Multipurpose Court

The multipurpose court (Tennis, Basketball and Netball) is located between Catherine Marriott Building and E blocks and is open from 9am - 9pm daily. Courts should be booked The key should be signed out at the Lodge. There is no charge. 

University Boathouse

Our shared boathouse is situated along the River Thames.


We have a fleet of 6 punts which are available for use from April to October (weather permitting). These are moored in our own harbour and after applying for a punt permit from the Punt Club you will be able to book the punts. Learn more. Punting season 2020 is now over.


Bikes are one of the most common methods of transport for Wolfson members. Find out below about storing, hiring, and repairing bikes at Wolfson. Learn more.

Sport Equipment

There are sports lockers in the boathouse, which contain equipment for croquet, football, volleyball, cricket and keys are available from the Lodge. 

Fitness Classes and Club Sports

Discover the different fitness classes and our roster of club sports available at Wolfson.  Learn more.

Sports Safety 

Members are advised that they:

  1. Participate in sport at their own risk and as a matter of choice;
  2. Should read the risk assessments from the professional body for their sport on the University's Sports website and be aware of the good practice guide;
  3. Should attend the University's Sports Safety briefings for their sport; 
  4. Should attend a University Sports First Aid Awareness Course.

High Profile Support Grants

The Social and Cultural Committee awards grants to support individual graduate students who are striving towards the peak of success in sports, music or the arts. The grants are up to £200 from the Common Room Fund. Learn more.

Croquet Lawn

Situated behind the north car park in the college's gardens.  A croquet set is available for use by members and located in a boathouse locker (key available from the Lodge). The croquet lawn should be booked via the HUB


The College's barbecue facilities are located beside the north car park. Please see the PDF below for rules regarding the BBQ. Bookable via the HUB

Music Practice Rooms and Pianos 

We have two small practice rooms, each containing an upright piano for the use of College members, located next to the Games Room.  We have two wonderful Grand Pianos and the one in the Hall is bookable.  Go to for room bookings, piano use.


Risk Assessment forms