Health & Safety

Updated Mon 20 June

Lifejackets for the Punts and Canoes

With summer fast approaching it's wonderful to see more people heading out on the river, however we would like to remind you that lifejackets must be worn at all times when using the College punts and canoes.

Lift Refurbishment

The Marble Hall lift refurbishment is now well under way, so please take extra care when passing the construction sites around the Marble Hall and North Car Park.

No Smoking Policy

Please remember that smoking is not allowed anywhere on site, with the exception of the designated smoking areas; these are signposted locations in the North Car Park and Harbour Quad.

Updated Mon 20 June

Health & Safety

Here at Wolfson College we expect you to behave responsibly and to look out for yourself and others. This includes:

  • Keeping fire doors closed at all times (including kitchen doors)
  • Ensuring that kitchens and common areas are kept clean and tidy
  • Regularly removing rubbish from kitchens and bedrooms
  • Locking doors and windows when leaving your accommodation
  • Supervising children at all times when near the harbour and/or river

We also ask that you report any safety concerns to a member of the Lodge team. Alternatively, you can always submit a Maintenance or Housekeeping request form.

For more information, please read our Student Health & Safety Guide and the Wolfson College Health & Safety Policy.

Fire Safety

We also expect you to follow our fire safety rules, which include:

  • Evacuating the building and heading for the nearest fire assembly point during a fire alarm activation
  • Ensuring you keep your kitchen door closed when cooking
  • Not using candles within your accommodation
  • Not tampering with any of the portable firefighting appliances

Details about the College's fire safety expectations and rules can be found here, and a map of the fire assembly points around site here.

Please note that fire alarms are tested every Monday from 10am. If your alarm sounds for more than 15 seconds during this period, please vacate the building and head to your nearest assembly point to await further instruction. 

Updated Mon 20 June

Accident and Near Miss Reports

If you nearly or do have an accident on site, please report it to the Lodge. Reporting accidents and near misses helps us keep track of any health & safety concerns around the site, and also helps prevent future incidents from happening.

Our accident and near miss records are shown as heat maps and represent the following information:

  • The tables illustrate the number of accidents and near misses that have been reported on site
  • They are colour coded based on the number of reports per month (green representing a low number and red a high number of near misses and accidents)
  • This helps us spot trends and highlights areas of concern

Information coming soon