Library Carrels & Lockers

Carrels in the Library are provided for members of College without access to suitable private study space. Lockable drawers are also available in the Library.

Carrel Application and use

Casual Carrels: There are  seven casual carrels available daily for a maximum of four hours.  You are asked to remember the COVID rules; keeping the carrels well ventilated and don't forget to wipe down the surfaces when you leave. Casual carrels can be booked via the WolfHub.

Individual Study Carrels: Requests for an individual  carrel should be made by completing a College Carrel Application Form outlining the reasons for the request.  Carrels are allocated in the first instance to those whose departmental, faculty library, or private facilities for work are inadequate. As demand for the individually allocated carrels normally exceeds supply, there is an allocation process, which is reviewed from time to time. The Senior Tutor, in conjunction with the Accommodation Office, is responsible for the allocation and administration of carrels. Please use the following link to apply for an individual carrel: Carrel Application | Wolfson College, Oxford.