The Academic Wing

In commemoration of the work that has been done by the college over the last 50 years a new academic wing was commissioned. 

We are immensely grateful to the Wolfson Foundation, to Mr John Adams, alumni, members and friends, for their generous support for Phase II of our new buildings, which was opened on the 10 March 2016. 

The New Academic Wing links the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, completed in June 2013, to the main College building, and provides facilities to enhance life at Wolfson. Berman Guedes Stretton Architects and Benfield and Loxley Ltd, who designed and built Phase I of the wing, have done a beautiful job merging the old style of original architect Powell and Moya with a modern and clean esthetics.

Design features

The design of the Academic Wing follows Powell and Moya’s palette and materials and mode of composition, balancing areas of blank walls with both large and small areas of glass. As well as rectangular windows, the larger areas of glass are broken into vertical striped elements made from narrow glazing frames, within a discipline of linear elements that are exposed and suppressed in different places. The contrast between rough and smooth wall surfaces, white and grey/blue granite are exploited, and the whole is ordered by the prevalence of columns as an architectural element, in the same bush-hammered finish as the existing building. This gives to the new design a similar order and rhythm as the original. 

New spaces for work and play

The development of new study spaces is central to the new building. In parallel with changing technology, students desire a wider range of study environments, providing opportunities for collective learning and sharing of ideas and resources in a less formal atmosphere, while wishing also to retain the more traditional library spaces and facilities. 

Library break-out area

The first floor of the Academic Wing now provides a study zone that differs fundamentally from the existing library. It offers a shared space for collective studying, group work and informal discussion with comfortable soft seating, coffee tables, and ample power sockets. At the far end of the room, there is a sound-proofed media space accommodating a group of about ten people, which will have a large wall-mounted LCD display screen, allowing for group study or presentations.


The ground floor is a brand new social hub with a café exhibition space for use by academics, students and visitors attending seminars and conferences in the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium. 

Green credentials

The building has been designed with a number of unique features to reduce energy consumption.