The General Fund for Assyriology

The General Fund for Assyriology will support research in the field of Assyriology at Wolfson College.

Its current annual income will be used in the following ways:

  • To support conferences and lectures on topics of interest to Assyriologists,  
  • To support Oxford Assyriological publications,  
  • To support small research projects by Oxford Assyriologists (for example by funding fieldwork, archival research, and conference presentations, with preference given to members of Wolfson College),  
  • To invite colleagues from elsewhere for short stays in Oxford to carry out research of interest to Oxford Assyriologists.

All research data generated from projects funded by the Fund shall be made publicly available, and major lectures shall likewise be recorded and put in the public domain.

The General Fund for Assyriology shall also be used for general support for on-going research of Oxford Assyriologists, with preference given to members of Wolfson College.

How to Apply 
Applications should be made to the committee of the General Fund for Assyriology, and emailed to
All applications should include a cover letter (2 pages max.) and a budget. The cover letter should include a description of the activity and how the proposed project falls within the scope of the fund. It should also include a clear outline of the pertinence of the project which the funds will enable, and a justification for allocation of the budget.