Zero Carbon

Updated Thurs 12 May

What's next

As mentioned, we'll have one day without power in college as we set up the new substation - on Tues 24 May from 8am-5pm. Affected areas and services are as follows, and the contingency plans are detailed below.

  • Areas
    • Main building (A-H)
      • Including Nursery & Main Kitchen
    • Robin Gandy
    • CM Building
    • M Block
    • Squash Courts
  • Services
    • All IT systems (Wi-Fi should remain on in the Library)
    • Electrical lighting and power
    • Hot and cold water supplies for toilets / showers / basins will be intermittent
    • Heating system will be intermittent
  • Contingencies for the day
    • Essential staff only on site (all others asked to work from home)
      • Housekeeping, Maintenance, Grounds and Lodge will be on site
    • Drinking water available in the Café
    • Temporary toilet block hired and positioned in the West Car Park
    • Generators in operation in the Boiler House to keep some water services running
    • Temporary power supply for the Library Wi-Fi to maintain the service

The Wi-Fi should still work in the library, but if you would rather work elsewhere a list of alternative University libraries can be found here.

What we've done

The new radiators and/or valves have now been fitted across the main site – these have been designed to operate with the new electric heat pumps, which will be connected in March. In the meantime, if you find that your radiator goes cold while turned on, this is likely due to the way the new valves operate and you do not need to worry provided your room remains warm.

You can still adjust your heating within a certain range, so if you feel you need to, just adjust the valve with the grey sleeve. See video guidance here. If you find that room warmth is an issue, please report it to our maintenance team and we will investigate. 

The design of the new electric heating system has now been completed, and the electricity substation will be installed in May/June.

Updated Thurs 12 May

Remedial works

  • Vertical sliding windows - Poles are currently being organised for all areas where these windows have been fitted, until they arrive please only operate the windows using the fixed horizontal handles and do not attempt to press on the glass. See video guidance here.

Next steps

After a break in decarbonisation works until August, we'll start finishing off the main estate. This will include the Block B penthouse windows and roof insulation. More details coming soon.

Updated Thurs 12 May

The second phase of the Decarbonisation Project will involve re-insulating and re-roofing the B Block roof. Provisional work to test the insulation potential is currently ongoing and requires pilot holes to be drilled around the B Block penthouses; there may be some noise disruption associated with the drilling, but this will be intermittent. Individually affected residents will be notified in advance.

Although no start date has been determined, work is currently expected to commence in July 2022. More updates regarding this will follow shortly.

Information coming soon