Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre

A forum for those engaging with the Tibetan speaking world.

Tibetan and Himalayan studies explores the Tibetan cultural world of Asia which spans more than 2500km from east to west with Tibet and the Himalayas at its heart. This enormous region connects and spills into several modern countries including Pakistan, India, Nepal, Burma, Mongolia, and China. Its various constituent areas are united by shared cultural features, religious customs and beliefs, and the use of Tibetan as the language of literature and religion. The Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Centre at Wolfson encourages and facilitates this great intellectual endeavour at Oxford.

Within the UK, Wolfson College is unique in hosting a Lecturership dedicated to Tibetan and Himalayan Studies. Created in 2000 in memory of the late Michael Aris through the generous support of the Rausing family, it sets Oxford apart as a leading research base for the study of Tibetan and Himalayan culture.

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