Policies & Procedures

Wolfson College has policies and procedures in place to ensure guidelines in day-to-day running of the College for members, staff and students. Below is a list of the College policies, forms, guides and procedures.

For information on developing policies and procedures please contact the College Secretary.

Copies of the following Policies are available by emailing home.bursar@wolfson.ox.ac.uk

Doc Reference Policy Description

Periodic inspection and testing

WOLF-W-P002 Permit to work
WOLF-W-P003 Personal Protective Equipment
WOLF-W-P004 H&S Management System
WOLF-W-P005 Manual Handling
WOLF-W-P006 Risk Assessment
WOLF-W-P007 Skips Approval
WOLF-W-P008 Portable Appliance Testing
WOLF-W-P009 Accident Reporting
WOLF-W-P010 Estates Site Handbook
WOLF-W-P011 Pregnant Workers
WOLF-W-P012 Service Tunnel Crawl Duct
WOLF-W-P013 Window Restrictor
WOLF-W-P014 H&S Training
WOLF-W-FIRE-001 Fire Actions and Procedures (Staff)
WOLF-W-FIRE-002 Fire Action
WOLF-W-FIRE-005 Fire Safety
WOLF-W-FIRE-007 False Fire Alarm
BarCo Bar Fire Assessment Policy Bar safe capacity fire assessment policy