Impact of Gifts

Since its foundation, Wolfson has flourished thanks to the generosity of its alumni and friends. We are hugely grateful for your support.

Your gifts have an extraordinary impact across the life of the College. Gifts and legacies contribute to scholarships that reduce the cost of studying in Oxford; they allow Wolfson to provide grants to facilitate research and bursaries for students in need; and they support the ongoing improvement of our accommodation and facilities. Your generosity makes study at Wolfson accessible for the next generation and helps preserve the College as an exceptional place to live and work. Below is a selection of the students and Fellows whose research has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Maribel Schönewolff – Oxford-Wolfson-Marriott Graduate Scholar

Many students at Wolfson pursuing interdisciplinary research are supported by the suite of Marriott Scholarships, named in honour of the generous bequest of Dr Francis Marriott, an eminent statistician and late Fellow of the College.

“I joined Wolfson College on the Oxford-Wolfson-Marriott Graduate Scholarship in Biochemistry in 2019. The warm welcome in my first weeks here helped me to settle in and Wolfson continues to provide me with the support needed to successfully complete my doctorate – ideally and financially. I consider the strong community my home. As Wolfson’s diversity representative for BAME students I am actively involved in shaping and challenging the College community. Being at Wolfson allows me to become a well-rounded academic and professional figure beyond the scope of my research degree.”

Brennan Delattre – Rachel Conrad Scholar for the Study of Clinical Depression

Brennan Delattre is a DPhil student in psychiatry and the first holder of the Rachel Conrad Scholarship for the study of Clinical Depression, a unique endowed scholarship established in 2021 thanks to a generous legacy from Reuben Conrad CBE, a long-time member of Common Room. Her research investigates the impact of movement in social settings, such as dance, on our mental health.

“Wolfson has supported me in a number of ways, both financially and via community. When things go wrong it’s really useful and comforting, both logistically and mentally, to know that one will have support.”

Professor Rachel Tanner

Professor Rachel Tanner joined Wolfson College in the 2021-22 academic year as a Research Fellow and benefited from one of the many funds available to rising researchers.

“My research is focussed on the development of novel vaccines – initially for HIV and now TB. I was also part of the trials team assessing the Oxford-AZ COVID-19 vaccine, which was intense but a privilege. My hope is that the momentum can be harnessed to drive forward vaccine research for other major but neglected diseases that affect low-middle income countries, such as TB. Joining Wolfson as a Research Fellow, I found it to be a welcoming and vibrant community, and I was fortunate to receive a College Academic Award that supported my attendance at the 2021 Global Forum on TB Vaccines – one of the most important annual events in my field. ”

Dr Kateryna Kovalchuk – CARA Visiting Scholar

Working in partnership with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA), the College provides positions for refugee scholars and their families through the 1966 Fund. Dr Kateryna Kovalchuk is a Ukrainian medieval historian who joined Wolfson College in 2022. Her two-year stay has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the many alumni who responded so generously to our Giving Day appeal for at-risk scholars in May 2022. Dr Kovalchuk’s work concentrates on Byzantine legend and the way in which cultures can process and retain traumatic experience.

Sponsored Scholarships & Funds

The generosity of Wolfson’s donors has in recent years enabled the college to offer the following scholarships:

Wolfson Isaiah Berlin Clarendon Scholarship

Oxford Wolfson Marriott Scholarship

Wolfson Guy Newton Clarendon Scholarship

Oxford-Ullendorff Graduate Scholarship in Semitic Philology

Reginald Campbell Thompson Graduate Scholarship in Assyriology

Norman Hargreaves-Mawdsley AHRC & Clarendon Scholarships

Wolfson Harrison UK Research Council Physics Scholarship

Wolfson Harrison UK Research Council Quantum Foundation Scholarship

OCLW Derrill Allatt & ESRC Graduate Studentship

Wolfson Tibetan and Himalayan Studies Scholarship

David Thomas Scholarship in Ancient Documents

Jeremy Black Scholarship in Assyriology

Lorne Thyssen Scholarship in Ancient World Studies

Lorne Thyssen Scholarship in Imperial History

Littman-Vermes Scholarship on Jewish-Christian Relations in Antiquity

Ken and Veronica Tregidgo Scholarship in Atomic & Laser Physics

Andrew Prentice Scholarship in Physics

Sir Anwar Pervez Scholarships

Dr Liu Chak Wan Scholarships


The generosity of Wolfson’s donors has in recent years enabled the college to offer the following research and travel awards:

Tim and Kathy Clayden Prize

Ghazarian Research Award

Roger and Fay Booker Materials Science Travel Award

Anthony Aris Award in Tibetan & Himalayan Studies

Lorne Thyssen Research Awards in Ancient World Studies

The generosity of Wolfson’s donors has in recent years enabled the college to offer the following hardship bursaries:

Marcus Banks Award

Bestway Foundation Bursary

Joyce Bonnie Farley Award

Clive Foss Bursary

Merete Jakobsen Award

Marie Cardinal Award

John H. Peters Award