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All students at the University of Oxford will have to pay course fees and living expenses during their time here. Wolfson College is working hard to provide support for students through scholarships and grants. You can find further information on fees and financial support below.

Fees and expenses

Course fees are charged each academic year until fee liability has ended and are collected by the College on behalf of the University.

You can find more information on fees for each individual course on the University’s Fees and Funding pages, along with information on fee liability.

If, after having read these pages, you are unsure about your fees or fee status please contact the University Fees Clerk at student.fees@admin.ox.ac.uk.

A fees invoice will be sent by the College Academic Fees Office via email in early September. All students are required to pay or arrange for their funding provider to pay the annual course fees in full before the start of each academic year.

Students may arrange for their studies to be funded or part-funded by grants, sponsorship, awards, loans or other funding, but they are still individually liable for their fees and living expenses and for ensuring that all of the costs of their studies are paid in full and by the due date. Please note that failure to pay course fees will result in the University suspending the student for non-payment of fees.

Fees may be paid using your own internet banking facilities or using Transfermate.

Payment of all fees should be made to ‘Wolfson College, Oxford’. Please be aware that bank transactions can take up to two weeks to clear the banking system, so you must make your payment early enough to allow sufficient time for your payment to reach the College bank account and to be identified in time to meet the payment deadline. Please quote your College student number on your fees payment.

If a student starts in Hilary or Trinity term, then the first year’s fees will be due before the start of term that enrolment commences. In subsequent years fees will be due before the start of the normal academic year.

For queries about how to pay your fees, contact the College Academic Fees Office at: academic.fees@wolfson.ox.ac.uk

For queries about how to pay your fees, contact the College Academic Fees Office at: academic.fees@wolfson.ox.ac.uk

If you receive an offer of a place Wolfson will require you to complete a Financial Declaration form to meet your financial condition of admission. This aims to ensure that you are fully aware of the expected fees and living costs associated with your chosen course of study at Oxford. It is your opportunity to consider very carefully the financial commitment you are entering into and to take full responsibility for it. If you cannot pay your fees and living costs, you will not normally be able to continue your studies.

Please refer to the University Website for more information on the Financial Declaration and the types of supporting documentation you need to provide

If you continue to be registered for your programme of study beyond the period of fee liability, continuation charges will be levied by both the University and College. The College Continuation charge will be invoiced through Battels on a termly basis.

These charges allow you continued access to the facilities and services of the College and University, subject to further charges where relevant, and to receive the appropriate student subsidies and administrative support. Both charges will continue to be charged as long as you hold student status within the University and the College until thesis submission. The same rate will apply to all students (regardless of Home/EU or Overseas fee status).

Tuition and college fees for the full academic year are collected annually by the College Accounts Office on behalf of the University of Oxford.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid by the stated deadline each academic year, and will receive an invoice by email, usually in early September. If you are a grant-supported student, the College will usually be able to invoice your funding body directly, as long as all the relevant contact information has been provided. Student loans are normally paid directly to the College by the lender.

Wolfson College does not offer the option of payment by installments.

All members of College and Common room are assigned an account known as ‘Battels’.

All expenditure incurred at Wolfson College by members is charged on Battels, including College and University fees and all continuation charges.

Each month a Battels bill will be sent to each member which must be paid in full by the date specified on the battels statement.

If you are late paying your Battels, your ability to charge costs to your Battels will be withdrawn and can result in a disciplinary hearing.

Click here for further information on Battels.

Financial Support

Wolfson College provides financial support to students through bursaries, awards and grants.

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Wolfson College is working to support as many students as possible through scholarships.

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