Financial Support

Wolfson College provides financial support to students through bursaries, awards and grants.

Travel grants are available for Fieldwork and Conference Presentations.

Funding to support travel is available each academic year to Wolfson students presenting at conferences related to their studies or undertaking fieldwork in the UK or abroad.

The College awards travel grants to the value of about £50,000 in total annually. Students can apply for a fixed amount per year depending on programme of study and fee liability status.

Applications must be sent via email to the Academic Office.

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This account has been established to support workshops, conferences, colloquia, lectures and seminars organised by Fellows and Students of the College, which will be held for the most part at Wolfson.

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The College can provide some financial assistance towards the cost of completing fast track language courses where this is required for your Oxford programme of study. The Academic Office will reimburse up to £150 on receipt of the course completion certificate. You should also provide a statement from your supervisor which confirms that the course is necessary to your studies, as well as proof of payment.

A discretionary fund intended to provide short-term financial support for students experiencing unexpected and unforeseeable financial difficulties.

To be awarded a financial assistance loan or grant, students must be enrolled and be in good academic standing.

Awards made are usually in the region of £200 – £1,000 (to up £1,500 in exceptional circumstances).

Students are advised to contact the Academic Registrar in the first instance for further guidance.

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A fund intended to assist those students who are most in need of financial assistance due to increased accommodation costs.

The fund is open to enrolled, full-time Wolfson students who live in college or external accommodation. It is specifically to support accommodation costs and cannot be used for other purposes.

The maximum grant available is £750 (up to £1,000 in exceptional circumstances) over a 12-month period.

Applications to the Accommodation Assistance Fund are reviewed by an assessment panel once per term, and applications should be submitted no later than Friday of Week 5. 

Applications can be made via the online form.

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The University has a range of support and advice to help you manage your finances during your studies at Oxford. For those students who experience unexpected financial difficulties the University operates the Oxford Financial Assistance Fund.

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If you are considering applying for a US Federal Loan, please refer to the University website.

This fund allows Fellows to pursuit their academic work when there are no other resources available. All applications should be made via the form. Any application must be supported by the appropriate evidence.

Applications may be submitted twice termly for consideration by the Academic Fund Panel which meets in weeks 3 & 8. All applications must be completed by weeks 2 or 7.

A Fellow can apply for up to a total of £733.19 per financial year (1 August – 31 July) from a fixed annual budget, and therefore individual awards/full allocation cannot be guaranteed.  There may be numerous applications in any one round and the total amount applied for by a Fellow cannot always be granted.

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