About the Wolfson 1966 Fund

As Oxford’s most international and family-friendly college, Wolfson is a special place in which to study, learn and live. Through the Wolfson 1966 Fund – named to reflect the year the college was founded – your support helps our students and post-doctoral fellows to thrive.

In 2022, in response to the crisis in Ukraine, we are seeking donations through the Wolfson 1966 Fund to allow the college to provide a home to a refugee scholar who has fled their home country through war, persecution, or oppression. Many have families whose situation is imperilled and precarious. To support one at-risk academic and their family for one year we need to raise £40,000.

All donations to the Wolfson 1966 Fund will directly benefit the students, post-doctoral fellows and scholars in peril who need greatest support.

The Wolfson 1966 Fund will allow Wolfson to offer:

  • A home for a refugee scholar and their family, in partnership with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA), giving them the safety and respite to continue their research and rebuild their lives.
  • Scholarships to allow students to pursue research at Oxford, whatever their financial means.
  • Research and travel awards, enabling students to share their work at conferences or do essential lab- or field-work.
  • Hardship bursaries for students in unexpected financial distress.
  • Assistance with nursery fees for students with children at Wolfson Nursery.
  • Better sports, welfare, and wellbeing facilities to support students’ physical and mental health, and to foster Wolfson’s special esprit de corps.
  • Enhanced library facilities, to ensure Wolfsonians have the latest resources they need.