About the Wolfson 1966 Fund

From climate change to global pandemics, never has the world needed expertise more than now. Since Wolfson’s foundation in 1966, our students and post-doctoral fellows have made ground-breaking discoveries and brought fresh light to bear on some of the world’s most intractable challenges.

Today, Wolfson is home to Oxford’s largest community of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, with more than 500 research students and nearly 100 postdocs. These students and postdocs are the experts of tomorrow.

Individually and collectively, they are working to address the world’s greatest challenges. Wolfson gives them a unique environment to do so, and your support can help their expertise to thrive.

Through the Wolfson 1966 Fund we invite you to invest in the expertise of the future. As Oxford’s most international and family-friendly college, Wolfson is a special place in which to study, learn and live. But we want to do more to help our students and post-doctoral fellows thrive – and your support will be essential in doing this.

The Wolfson 1966 Fund will allow Wolfson to offer:

  • Scholarships to allow students to pursue research at Oxford, whatever their financial means.
  • Research and travel awards, enabling students to share their work at conferences or do essential lab- or field-work.
  • Hardship bursaries for students in unexpected financial distress.
  • Assistance with nursery fees for students with children at Wolfson Nursery.
  • Better sports, welfare, and wellbeing facilities to support students’ physical and mental health, and to foster Wolfson’s special esprit de corps.
  • Enhanced library facilities, to ensure Wolfsonians have the latest resources they need.

All donations to the Wolfson 1966 Fund will directly benefit the students and post-doctoral fellows who need it most.