Become a Member of Common Room

Wolfson’s Common Room is the hub of all social activity in college and was created by our founding president, Isaiah Berlin, to promote the democratic, social and cultural life of the College. All alumni can join the Common Room and benefit from its features.

Wolfson is nearly unique among Oxford’s colleges in offering Membership of Common Room to all alumni.

Members of Common Room can:

•    Use the College Library
•    Use the college’s sports facilities (additional charges and rules apply)
•    Book the College punts (additional charges, restrictions and rules apply)
•    Dine in College, including signing up for formal dinners and guest night dinners (additional charges apply)
•    Use the Common Room and enjoy free tea and coffee when available
•    Ride on the College minibus
•    Apply for college accommodation at set rates, including the use of guest rooms, subject to availability

For further information and to apply for a membership click here

If you have any questions, please contact