Updated 20 November 2023

Robin Gandy Kitchen Refurbishments

We will be undertaking refurbishments of the kitchens in the Robin Gandy buildings during the latter stages of MT as per the schedule below. Students affected by the lack of kitchen facilities for the 5 day period whilst works take place in their flat will receive credits for meals in Hall at both lunch and dinner times – all they need do is give their name to the meal checker.

Flat (kitchen) Work starts
N105 04/12/23
N106 04/12/23
N107 04/12/23
N108 04/12/23
N205 04/12/23
N206 04/12/23
N208 04/12/23
S101 08/01/24
S102 08/01/24
S103 08/01/24
S104 08/01/24
S201 08/01/24
S202 08/01/24
S203 08/01/24
S204 08/01/24


Timing of Works


  • Works will start daily at 08:00 and be completed each evening by 17:00
  • Noisiest elements will be during the strip out of kitchens during the first day

Schedule of Works

By the end of the refurbishment work all students in Robin Gandy will have new kitchens with:

  • New hob, oven and cooker hood
  • New whiteroc wall covers and splashbacks
  • New worktops
  • New cupboards and units (lockable for each residents)
  • New drawer units
  • New main ceiling lighting
  • New electric sockets
  • New flooring

Mitigations / Alternative Facilities During the Works

During the period of each flat having their kitchen refurbished it will be out of action and the following will be in place:

  • All personal items much be removed from the kitchen cupboards / surfaces.
    • Storage boxes are being provided for each resident to use.
  • Fridge / Freezers placed in the corridor
  • Microwave placed in the corridor
  • Kettle placed in the corridor
  • Meal allowance will be added to each top-up account for each day of the works as per below:
    • Monday – Lunch & Supper
    • Tuesday – Lunch & Supper
    • Wednesday – Lunch & Supper
    • Thursday – Lunch & Supper
    • Saturday - Brunch

Updated Tuesday 14th November 2023

College Heating:

  • Information on changing the heating level in your room can be found here.  In addition, if fresh air is required in your room the same video guide will demonstrate how to use the trickle vents.
  • There are a few tips that we would encourage residents to try prior to adjusting the radiator valve in their room:
  • Add some extra layers of clothing
  • Ensure that radiators are free from obstructions
  • Close doors
  • Close windows

Updated Tuesday 14th November 2023


  • The Lodge will be staffed 24/7 during the coming Christmas closure period 21 December - 2 January, and should remain the first point of contact for emergencies.
  • Maintenance, Housekeeping and the Home Bursary will be closed.


Updated Tuesday 14th November 2023

Cleaning schedule