Updated Friday 26th May 2023

Summer Extension

  • The summer extension process has now closed and you will receive a response by the end on May 2023.

Ballot 2023/24

  • The Ballot is now closed and we have made offers to the successful applicants. The Ballot process will continue until all accommodation has been allocated.

Updated Friday 26th May 2023

College Heating:

  • Now that we have designed and implemented some changes to the new system to increase the temperatures in our buildings you may note that rooms can become over-heated, if this happens please feel free to adjust the thermostatic radiator valve (video guide here) to bring the levels back to a comfortable point.
  • Project consultants and engineers are continuing their works on refining the system over the coming weeks when we are expecting another short cold spell; residents will hear more on this in due course if it affects them.
  • If any of you do experience temperatures in your rooms that are lower than expected then please complete an online Maintenance request and the team will attend as soon as they can.
  • There are a few tips that we would encourage residents to try prior to adjusting the radiator valve in their room:
  • Add some extra layers of clothing
  • Ensure that radiators are free from obstructions
  • Close doors
  • Close windows
  • If fresh air is required in your room use the trickle vents on the window frames (see video guide

Updated Friday 26th May 2023

  • PDR refurbishment – the PDR and Coffee Room will be closed for an exciting refurbishment during late January and into February; we all look forward to seeing the results once it’s re-opened.
  • Sustainability at Wolfson – soon to be announced with further details; Voi Scooters, Oxbikes expansion on site, Pedal & Post for sustainable package deliveries.
  • Continuing works to enhance the Wolfson Meadows and ensure we maintain the vitally important eco-system for years to come.
  • Annex Building refurbishment; internal areas of the Annex will undergo a much needed spruce up ready for re-occupation by our College community in mid-2023.
  • Wolfson minibus will be going electric in 2023 – watch out for the exciting, and pioneering, arrival.

Updated Friday 26th May 2023


  • The Lodge will be manned 24/7 throughout the holiday season for our community, so if you have an enquiry or emergency please contact via the usual means; in person or phone 01865274100

Maintenance Requests

  • During the Christmas break the maintenance team will be taking a well-earned rest so any emergency requests must be directed to the Lodge, anything else will be picked up by the team in January.

The Minibus

  • We will be expanding the stops on the minibus route from Tuesday 3rd January to include Mansfield Road to and from the city centre; dropping more of our community directly to where they need to be.


Electric Minibus

  • Yes that’s right; Wolfson is being pioneering yet again with green initiatives and this time it’s our much troubled diesel powered minibus that is making way for an ultra-modern electric powered model that is having finished touches added as we speak and is due to arrive on site from July 2023.


Outdoor Access

  • The Bridge, Sports field and Bishop’s Garden and the garage access route from Garford Road to Linton Road will remain locked from 6pm on 24th December until 10am on 27th December due to a legal requirement to have these non-public rights of way closed annually for a few days.

Updated Friday 26th May 2023


  • During the Christmas break the housekeeping team will be taking a well earned rest so any emergency requests must be directed to the Lodge, anything else will be picked up by the team in January.

New cleaning schedule

  • You will notice new rotas (hereplaced around building starting from 3rd January 2023; the new schedule will include enhanced cleaning of our College sports facilities so watch out for the team in the Gym and Squash Courts.