Updated Tuesday 27 September

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have started to welcome new students for the academic year into College accommodation; and would like to extend a warm hello from all in the Home Bursary teams around the College – please do stop and say hello, our staff are always willing to talk, help and generally make you feel at home here at Wolfson.

There are some important site health & safety updates available on our website and we ask that all those new to the College carefully read this - Health & Safety | Wolfson College, Oxford

Updated Tuesday 27 September

Rent Policy

The College’s policy and practice is to adjust rents annually in accordance with inflation on the 1st August every year, as it is important that rent continues to cover the costs of managing your accommodation and supporting you as general costs of living increase; a fine balancing act, but one that we must carry out to ensure financial sustainability for all.  

You will also be aware as per earlier communications, that this year presents a slightly different situation from the last few, in that we are going through a period of high inflation rates (currently 10–13%). Whilst our normal policy would be to increase rent in line with inflation, the appropriate Committees have been discussing how to put a budget together that balances the finances of the College with doing all we can to help with affordability for our community. Weighing everything up, the Governing Body has made the decision that rent will rise below inflation this year, at a rate of 8%. We are therefore writing to let you know that from Monday 1st of August your rent will increase by 8% and you will be notified of the new rate; which you can view here.

The College is very mindful that this is a larger increase than has been experienced in recent years and we are also aware that those in accommodation outside of college are likely to experience similar, or greater, increases. The University and College do have some assistance  funds for those students whose financial circumstances have changed in unforeseeable ways resulting in them experiencing financial hardship. Given the current economic situation, the College have put aside additional hardship funds this year to enable us to offer assistance to those most in need. Any student who finds themselves in serious financial difficulties as a result of the rent increase may apply for assistance through the normal hardship processes. Please contact our Academic office for more information, and information on University hardship schemes can be found here.

For more information, please head to the main Accommodation webpage.

Updated Tuesday 27 September

Upper Common Room

The Upper Common Room has been refurbished, new plug sockets and charging points have also been installed for your use.

Housekeeping Services

Whilst our College housekeeping teams are working extremely hard to prepare rooms for our incoming new and returning students and give our building common areas a last minute sparkle, please bear with them and assist by maintaining cleanliness in bedrooms and kitchen areas in between their visits. The new room cleaning rota for Michaelmas term will soon be published in all buildings around College, until then if you do require cleaning urgently then please complete a housekeeping request form here - Housekeeping request form | Wolfson College, Oxford

Updated Tuesday 27 September


Some of your may have noticed, or may indeed be taking advantage of, the scheme that we are operating alongside a number of other Oxford Colleges:

Oxbikes is a student run company that provides an online platform for both sale and rental of pre-loved bikes, empowering people to cycle whilst reducing bicycle waste associated with people leaving Oxford each year. 

With Oxbikes you can easily rent a bike 24/7 on our online platform from our very own Wolfson depot for Michaelmas Term for only £33.99, or all three terms for just £89.99 – including a d-lock!   We also have second-hand sellers posting on our marketplace with deals ready to be snapped up.