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Wolfson Covid-19 Updates


From Tuesday 1st March, we put the emphasis on personal responsibility rather than imposed rules. We expect people to act responsibly, as members of a graduate College, and not to need detailed instructions on their own behaviour.

Below is some advice on the essentials but in other words, back to the original Wolfson.

Next steps

First, as has always been the case at Wolfson, if you have, or think you have an infectious disease, you should not come close to others and risk passing it on to them. Instead you should stay safe at home or in your room. Until Friday 11th March, we'll continue to provide equipment and food for those who self-isolate like this, but we should all have in stock some dry foods for emergencies, and food delivery apps. And we will continue until the same date providing microwaves/kettles/fridges for those who are isolating.

Our team who, for two years, have been working evenings and weekends to staff the coronavirus helpline, will reduce the service down to daytime during the working week, and a once a day check during the weekends. In line with the University they will end their service completely at the end of week 10, on 25th March. The Lodge remains open 24/7 and can field any urgent queries as appropriate to the situation.


We know that each of us has different comfort levels but we will no longer require face coverings to be worn. Events in College spaces can move back up to full occupancy, though organisers should please be thoughtful about those who still wish to remain more cautious. In the Auditorium, for example, we will leave the two upper wings available for those who would prefer to seat distanced; in the Hall, there will remain provision for dining with a Perspex screen for those who wish to.  

Organising big events in Hall takes several weeks of planning, so we will be continuing Guest Nights and the Fellows’ Farewell dinner at the current numbers; though we look forward to resuming full occupancy Hall dinners from next term. 


The numbers in the minibus will go back up to full occupancy, but because some people who are more vulnerable do need to use the bus, and out of respect to the drivers, we will require face coverings during your journey. 


We continue to have lateral flow tests available free at the Lodge, and we will continue to supply them free to those who want to test until the stock ends. 

❤️Be kind

Many of you will have seen that the University will in week 10 be ending the Early Advice Service operations; the volunteers who have run the service have been heroes, and we are all in their debt. In College, too, I hope we can all recognise the stellar work of all those who have supported us, from the academic teams, the helpline staff, the catering, maintenance and household teams, the Lodge, and all those who have gone above and beyond to get us through this gruelling period. They deserve our thanks and they deserve a break. 

The New Normal will mean that if you have symptoms you should stay at home. The College will welcome and support those who are more vulnerable or cautious, with spaces to make them feel comfortable. We need to be kind to others: just because someone has a persistent cough doesn’t make them anti-social or suspicious. Illness should not become a stigma; we must use language which recognises that everyone will have had a different pandemic experience, and a different risk appetite. Above all, we should continue our tradition of tolerance and thoughtfulness towards others in our community. 

Staying Healthy