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Wolfson Covid-19 Updates

Summer 2021

Wolfson College is opening in line with the government road map. We need to remain cautious. This is Wolfson's page for keeping you up-to-date with the latest about our facilities, providing you with information on what facilities are open or closed. Broadly speaking, we're keeping indoor restrictions in place and allowing greater freedoms outside.


Latest Service Updates

Food & Drink

The Hall

The Hall is fully open for lunch and dinner midweek and brunch on Saturdays. Current opening times are: 

  • Lunch 12pm—2pm (Mon—Fri)
  • Dinner 6pm—7.30 pm (Mon—Fri)
  • Brunch on Saturday 9.30am—11.30am
  • Please maintain a one metre social distance at all times: be careful to respect the signs and keep appropriate social distance from staff.

The Café

The Café is open for takeaway and sitting in. Opening times are Mon-Fri from 8am.

The Upper and Lower Common Rooms

The Upper and Lower Common Rooms are open for all. Everyone should be seated unless they are queueing for coffee or out on the balcony; social distancing and face coverings will be needed unless you are drinking.

Groceries for residents in isolation

Those who are self-isolating or in quarantine can purchase groceries from our wholesaler through the College's Catering Office.

  • Complete the Grocery Order Form and email it to groceries@wolfson.ox.ac.uk by 9am Monday to Friday
  • Be sure to put your room number on the order, so we can deliver to you.
  • Orders placed on Friday will be available on Monday. 
  • Orders are charged to your top-up account — please make sure you have topped up before placing the order.
  • If your top-up funds are insufficient, your order will be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit your order the following day.

Food for residents in isolation

Those who are self-isolating or in quarantine can order meals.  We deliver at lunch time. Click here to book this service through the Gateway.

  • Order by 9am on the day you require lunch or dinner (Monday - Saturday).
  • Order by 9am on the day before you require breakfast (Monday – Saturday). We will deliver around noon for use the next day.
Breakfast pack


Delivered at lunchtime for use next day.
Tea, coffee, sugar, UHT milk, 1 fruit, 1 small juice carton, 2 cereal bars (or similar) £2.50 for students £5.00 for all others
Hot lunch One main hot dish
Two hot side dishes
One piece of fruit
£3.50 for students £7.00 for all others
Ready meal A microwaveable meal or salad £2.00 for students £4.00 for all others

The College Cellar Bar

The bar is open on specified days. Please check our Wolfson Facebook Group for specific details on opening times. Current capacity is 36 people (in 6 seating areas). 

To enter the beer garden, descend the steps in Berlin Quad into Harbour Quad and wait for rota members to tell you there is space for you to sit. To exit, leave via the Harbour Quad path towards the Cherwell Bridge. 

Under government regulations, you will need to individually scan with the track and trace app before sitting down. 

Seating is set up in groups of 6 and must be of no more than 2 households. 

For the foreseeable future, orders must be carried out through Google Forms. We understand that this will not be an immediate return to normality, but we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy a social and relaxed space. There will be music and planned events coming up in the next few weeks. 

Click here for more information about the Wolfson Cellar Bar.


We must ensure that those staff still working on the front line in College can remain safe and sound, as well as concentrate on keeping the College communal spaces hygienic and secure; so we will, as we did last lockdown, ask students now to take responsibility for the cleaning of household communal spaces. We can provide domestic cleaning materials to allow that if needed.

Housekeeping emails and requests are not currently being monitored so please contact the Lodge at lodge.reception@wolfson.ox.ac.uk if your request is urgent. 

Rubbish disposal
For those who are self-isolating with symptoms, we are able to provide a waste collection service by following the procedures below: 

  • Please notify the Home Bursar: home.bursar@wolfson.ox.ac.uk
  • Waste should be double bagged. 
  • Bags should be labelled "Rubbish-Symptoms" and placed outside your room from 9.00am the following day after you have sent a housekeeping request. Monday to Friday only.
  • As we are extremely short staff we can only provide this service for people who are genuinely showing symptoms so please only request this service if absolutely necessary.

Cleaning materials
As many of you have requested to clean your own rooms, and we are short of staff, we have taken the decision to ask you to clean your own rooms so we can focus on cleaning the communal areas. Cleaning materials, including hoovers (which we can confirm are safe to use) will be left out for use. Please can we ask that you wipe down all equipment before and after use.


The Nursery

The safety of our nursery children, staff and parents is a top priority. We have therefore fully assessed the risks of opening the College nursery in the new COVID-19 era, and are determined to do all that we can to make the environment as safe as possible. Click here to read more about the reopening of the nursery.

College IT

Wolfson's IT Team has cancelled the IT Surgeries until further notice and will be dealing with most issues remotely.

The Minibus

The minibus is running again, please check this page for timetable and route. 


The Library is open 8.30am-5.30 am each day. The Library is closed between 5.30am-8.30 am for cleaning.



The Library will be closed on Monday mornings between 8.00am and 1.30pm to permit library staff to safely carry out essential library duties. 

Please note that the periods when the library is closed also apply to the carrels and access will not be permitted during those times, so please plan accordingly.

Entrances and Exits
Entrance and exits are on Level One using the main Library entrance and the door to the Marble Hall at the far end of the Library.

Hand sanitising
All readers are asked to ensure that hands are washed and/or sanitised before, after and regularly during their visit to the Library.

Social distancing
Readers are asked to ensure that an appropriate distance is always maintained whilst using the Library. Readers are only permitted to use the desks, workstations and chairs indicated. Please be considerate of others using the library. 

Face coverings
Readers must always wear face coverings whilst in the Library, unless disability exemption applies. The government has produced a free face covering `exemption card` which users may wish to download here.

Carrel users are asked to open the windows and have the door ajar whilst working in a carrel to maximise ventilation and air flow.

Users are asked to clean down the surfaces of the desk and/or workstation or printer which they have used using the sanitizers provided.

Readers must not remove books from the shelves. All books will be made available to readers via the Request and Fetch system, and will be fetched within three days. If you require regular and/or repeated access to dictionaries, encyclopaedias and other reference works, please discuss your needs with the Librarian. Book(s) should be returned to the trolley in the Lodge. They should be placed in the envelopes provided and clearly dated. Your SOLO account will be updated once staff shelve your book(s).

Personal items
Readers should only bring items they need for their immediate study to the Library. In order to maximise availability of space for users, readers must not leave possessions in the Library when they leave, including during lunchtime and overnight. Books and papers should not be left on desks.

Printers are available in the Library Breakout Space and the Library. Readers should maintain the social distance indicated. Readers should use the sanitizers provided to wipe down surfaces after use. Readers should use the remote printing option.

Computer workstations
Computer workstations are available to readers in the Library. Due to reduced availability, Readers are asked to use their own laptops in the Library whenever possible.

Casual Carrels
Casual carrels can be booked online. A maximum of four hours a day can be booked. Carrels must be kept well ventilated. All surfaces should be cleaned after use. https://hub.wolf.ox.ac.uk/


  • Casual carrels are available daily and can be booked by using the Wolf Hub. Residents can book a maximum of four hours each day. 
  • Those living offsite who have allocated carrels can continue to come into the library. 

Sound-proof rooms for online teaching or meetings

For those living on site who need a sound-proof space for online teaching or meetings, there are seminar rooms available at the College. Please contact events@wolfson.ox.ac.uk to book a time slot.

Please note that if you want to book a seminar room for the weekend, make sure to book by 2pm on Friday

Indoor sports facilities

The Gym will be open 7am—11pm, with bookings made at the Lodge for one hour sessions, a maximum of two hours a day (not consecutive sessions). Three people can be in the gym at any one time.

The Squash Courts can be booked on the Wolf Hub and are open for one person for practice or full play between two households. Guests are now permitted to use our squash courts and ERG room as long as they are accompanied by a Wolfson College member at all times.

Two people will be allowed to train together in the ERG room.

Outdoor sports facilities

Guests are now permitted to use our outdoor sports facilities, including the punts, as long as they are accompanied by a Wolfson College member at all times. 

Croquet, tennis and the sports field are open for use by mixed households as long as social distancing is practiced where possible. Punts are available with the normal user numbers limit. Book a punt here on the Wolf Hub.

The safety of our community and guests is our top priority. This plan ensures that people are protected, to the highest possible level, while meetings and events are being held.  This plan is based on Government guidance and completed H&S Risk Assessments, and we will continue to update it as guidance changes.

Virtual Meetings and Events

Online meetings, video conferencing and live event streaming
We have recently upgraded the audio-visual equipment in our seminar rooms, making it easy to simply plug in and go. The set up is particularly suitable for on-line meetings or recording and distribute/stream your own lecture or event. The rooms are available for individual use as well as for small groups of up to 6 people, to make a booking please email the Events office at events@wolfson.ox.ac.uk.

In-Person Meetings and Events

We have introduced a number of measures to make in person meetings COVID secure in line with the government guidance. 

Social distancing
So far, social distancing has proved to be the best way to stop the spreading of the infection. New rooms capacity allowing for 2m distance between participants in all directions have been set below for each meeting room. Signage reminding people to keep distance are in place around the College. The AV equipment available in the Seminar Rooms will allow you to stream your event to other rooms in the college, so that it is possible to hold an event in several rooms at once to ensure that social distance can be maintained – further details are available from the Events Office.

Room Theatre Boardroom
Auditorium 35 x
Buttery 15 12
Haldane 16 12
Seminar Room 1,2,3 6 5
Coffee, PDR, Florey 6 5
Committee Room x 3

Frequent sanitisation of all meeting rooms’ surfaces including door handles, light switches and AV equipment is taking place. The minimum frequency is before and after each event. In addition, a hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes are provided complimentary in each meeting room. Both products have been certified to kill bacteria and viruses, and have been accepted as effective measure against Coronavirus in particular.

All air conditioning systems have been cleaned and serviced to ensure they are operating at an optimum level. Mechanical ventilation adjustments have been made within the College Auditorium, in line with industry guidance, to increase outside air intake 7 days a week and prevent any recirculation of internal air whilst the area is in use. All of our meeting rooms include natural daylight and allow windows and/or doors to be open. Our advice to all events organisers is to keep those open as much as possible and during break times as a minimum. We vent all rooms as part of our cleaning routine before and after each event.

Complimentary parking is available on site; however, spaces are limited. Please discuss your parking requirements with our events sales team as part of your booking process. We have taken steps to make all College public areas as secure as possible, these include wearing a face cover in shared indoor spaces, easy access to hand sanitiser, health and safety signage and the installation of screens in key locations around the College such as the Lodge, Hall and Café.

‘Contactless Events’
To protect our clients as well as staff, we have designed a ‘contactless events’ delivery, which includes:

  • Details of your event are agreed and communicated in advance.
  • Sanitised room key is placed in a sealed envelope with your event name on table in the Lodge.
  •  Welcome Pack including schedule of your event, relevant user and health and safety information, as well as information how to contact your Event Host, is placed in the room prior your arrival.
  • Event Host is available to contact through a mobile phone/WhatsApp application at all times.
  • Refreshment are provided individually portioned and in a separate designated space, avoiding unnecessary contact with team members.
  • Where some contact is necessary additional measures such as social distancing, screens and PPE are used to minimise the risk for all parties.

Safe delivery of catering services

Catering areas
Several suitable catering areas have been identified around the College to be used during your event:

  • Our purpose built ‘Buttery’ with professional hot and cold counters, one way movement system and plenty of indoor and outdoor space allowing for social distancing.
  • Café and Private Dining Room adjoining meeting rooms allowing for one-way movement system and plenty of natural light and ventilation.
  • The Haldane room also allowing for one way movement system and social distancing.  

Service delivery
To ensure the safe delivery of catering services we have made the following arrangements:

  • All catering is arranged in advance
  • Food and drink is supplied in individual sealed containers
  • Food and drink are delivered in advance in a designated catering space away from the meeting in progress or other guests and members of the College.
  • One-way system with a provision for a social distance is employed to ensure the safety of the delegates during their conference break.
  •  Suitable space allowing for social distance is available to use during the break or delegates return to the main meeting space following collection of food and beverages.
  • Where some contact with our team is required, screens and PPE are used to minimise the risk for all parties.

Our team
To ensure the wellbeing of our team and guests, we have followed strictly the government guidelines on ensuring that all team members are fit for work and symptoms free. All our team members are asked to complete fitness for work questionnaires on return to work and are obliged to report any worrying symptoms to their line supervisor/manager immediately. Our teams follows the usual high standards for personal hygiene while on duty and have access to the same enhanced sanitisation materials as our guests throughout the day.

Requesting additional catering service on the day
We recognise that despite our best efforts, things often change on the day in terms of timings or requirements for catering, such as unknown food allergy for example. To communicate this please contact your Event Host via the channels mention above. Our team will do their best to meet any reasonable requests made on the day of the event.


Wolfson College has number of bedrooms available for renting during the summer period and throughout the academic year. To ensure the safety of all parties we have made the following arrangements for booking and using accommodation in the College.

  • Rooms are booked and paid for on the Wolfson College website in advance. To make a booking please follow this link.
  • Room keys are collected contactless from the lodge. Room keys are sanitised and placed in a sealed envelope.
  • Rooms are cleaned, sanitised and ventilated, as usual after each letting.  Additional ventilation and sanitisation of frequently used surfaces as door handles and light switches is taking place on the day before the rooms are occupied again.
  • Ambient pre-packaged breakfast pack would be placed in your room prior arrival if you have booked a breakfast for your stay. In room, tea and coffee making facilities are also available.

Outdoor Meetings

In England you can meet outdoors in a group of up to 6 people with those you do not live with, but you should do this while observing social distancing guidelines and keeping at least 2 metres apart. The College has plenty of outdoor/garden space, which we encourage you to use. Please click here for more details on meeting outdoors.

Private dining

We will resume our private dining service when it is safe to do so, we will follow the above principles to ensure safety at all times.

  • The City is now providing drop-in PCR testing (particularly aimed at people between 18 and 29) even if people have no symptoms.  The nearest PCR testing pod is at the Blavatnik School of Government.
  • The NHS is working with the University to offer two pop-up vaccination sites this week: at the Sports Centre (Iffley road) and Ewert House (near us in Summertown).  They are open to everyone over 18 for first doses.
  • The walk-in clinics are now able to give second doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination; it must be 8 weeks since the person had their first vaccination. 
  • See the Oxfordshire County Council website for all the details.

Staying Healthy