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Formal Halls -  The last 2022 Formal Hall will take place on 2 December. Bookings open two weeks before the dinner, and close at 9am on 30 November. 

Hall - We no longer offer disposable takeaway containers. Please bring your own containers if you are taking food away, or purchase one of our high-quality microwaveable containers in Hall. 

Burns' Night with a ceilidh - Burns' night dinner will be on 26 January 2023.  Book via the Gateway from 1 Jan 2023 at 8am.  One guest per member.  Ceilidh afterwards is open to all members without booking.



Informal meals Payment Methods, Meal Prices and Subsidies

Hall meal service times

Lunch in Hall (M-F)

Mon-Fri, 12:15pm-2pm

To enable them to have lunch in 30 minutes, staff (only) may enter the Hall at noon.  Thank you for your consideration.

Saturday brunch in Hall

Sat, 9:30am—11:30am


Dinner in Hall

Mon-Fri, 6pm—7:30pm


Guest Night variation to dinner in Hall

The servery will open at 5:45pm and close at 7pm on nights when there is a Guest Night.

Guest Nights take place on Thursdays every week during full term.

Formal Hall variations to dinner in Hall

No informal supper is served on nights when there is a Formal Hall.

Formal Halls take place two or three times per term. 

College members can pay with battels or bank card (except AMEX).  Please note that we do not accept cash.  

All our meals are priced according to the cost of the food, with a 'mark-up' towards the additional costs of staff, power, etc. College members receive different levels of subsidy and/or allowances on their food as follows:

Graduate Student Members: 50% subsidy on cooked food at informal meals
Guest of Student Member: 25% subsidy on cooked food at informal meals, plus VAT.
Members: Full price
Staff: Full price


Upper Common Room (UCR)

Please note that the UCR coffee machine has returned to its pre-Covid settings.  Hot drinks continue to be free at the times shown below.  Outside of those times a bank card payment (not AMEX) of £1.50 will be required.


10:30am - 11:30am

12:30pm - 2:30pm

6.30pm - 8.30pm


The filter coffee machine remains entirely complimentary, as does the tea and hot water.

On Saturdays, to coincide with brunch, complimentary coffee is served in the Hall rather than the UCR.

Children are allowed in the Common Room on Saturdays.

Wolfson Café

The Wolfson Café is situated next to the Lodge and serves hot and cold drinks and snacks from 8am to 3:30pm every weekday (Mon-Fri).

College members can pay with battels, bank card (not AMEX).  Please note that we do not accept cash.

Cafe wifi password: leonard


Sunday Coffee Shop

During term time, coffee and cakes are served by volunteers from 13:00-15:00 in the Upper Common Room in aid of AMREF, the College charity.

Wine orders

To order wine, download the Wine List Order Form (at the bottom of this page).  Follow the instructions on the form, then email it to  The wines will be left in the Lodge for collection within two working days, and the charge will be made to your member account.

Please be sure to collect your wine promptly.  Wines not collected within 10 days will be returned to the Cellar, and an administration and labour charge of £5.00 per bottle will be made to your account.

Sustainably sourced

The fish served in Hall is either Marine Stewardship Council certified or locally farmed.

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