Food & Drink

Please note that currently the UCR, LCR and Café are closed until further notice. The Hall is open lunch and dinner (Mon-Fri, 12pm-2pm, 6pm-7:30pm) and brunch (Sat, 9.30am—11.30am).

Guidance for self-isolating residents

If you're required to self-isolate, we have some services available to help you.

For the latest information for residents, please see our Latest Service Updates.

New residents can order food supplies to be ready for their arrival through the Catering team. 

  • Complete the grocery order form and email it to by 9am Monday to Friday. 
  • If you are arriving over the weekend, please make sure you order any groceries you need by Thursday 9am and any other food items by Saturday 9am.
  • The items you have ordered will be placed in your room ready for your arrival.
  • Breakfast orders are delivered at lunchtime Mon-Sat, so please order the day before.
  • Hot lunch can be booked through the Wolfson Gateway. We can only deliver it during lunchtime Mon-Sat. 
  • Cold dinners for reheating can be booked through the Wolfson Gateway. We deliver at lunchtime Mon-Sat, so please ensure you have the means to keep the food cold until you use it (5 degrees or less).
  • We have limited equipment and resources available for people that must self-isolate, please do not use this service if you are able to leave your room and visit the College's and other local outlets.

Residents in self-isolation can now purchase grocery items from our wholesaler through the College's catering office.

Complete the grocery order form and email it to by 9am Monday to Friday. Your orders will be delivered to your room next day normally around lunchtime. Orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Monday. Orders are charged to your top-up account—make sure you have topped up before placing the order. If your top-up funds are insufficient, your order will be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit your order the following day.

Those who are self-isolating and cannot leave their rooms can order food for room delivery.  We deliver at lunchtime (Monday to Saturday). 

Click here to book this service through the Gateway. 

The order deadline is 9am for a same day delivery. Orders may be placed in advance. Since there are no deliveries on Sundays, please plan your ordering ahead.  We will attempt to meet dietary requirements, though there is a limited range of options. We will deliver to your room (staff will knock and leave your food outside).

Breakfast pack

Tea, coffee, sugar, UHT milk, 1 fruit, 1 small juice carton, 2 cereal bars (or similar)

£2.50 for students.  

£5.00 for all others.

Hot lunch

One main hot dish
Two hot side dishes
One piece of fruit

£3.50 for students.  

£7.00 for all others.

Ready meal

A microwaveable meal, 

or salad.

£2.00 for students.

£4.00 for all others.

If you experience difficulty accessing the Gateway, please email

We realise that track and trace notifications, or the onset of symptoms, could require College residents to self-isolate at short notice.  In these cases, the College Lodge can supply an ambient (room temperature) emergency food pack, from the College Hardship Fund.  Residents are not charged for this. 

The pack contains basic supplies, and is intended as a ‘stop gap’ until you are able to source other food from the grocery list, the Hall meals delivery service, or any external service.

The pack contents can vary, but typically contain:

  • UHT milk
  • Tea and coffee
  • A cereal bar
  • Soup in a tear-top can
  • A pot noodle


Where College is aware of a sudden need for self-isolation, a pack will be brought to your College room as a matter of course.  Otherwise, to obtain an emergency food pack, please contact the College Lodge (01865 274100).

Informal meals Payment Methods, Meal Prices and Subsidies

College members can pay with battels, card and cash.  Please note that AMEX is not accepted.

All our meals are priced according to the cost of the food, with a 'mark-up' towards the additional costs of staff, power, etc. College members receive different levels of subsidy and/or allowances on their food as follows:

Graduate Student Members: 50% subsidy on cooked food at informal meals
Guest of Student Member: 25% subsidy on cooked food at informal meals, plus VAT.
Members: Full price
Staff: Full price


Upper Common Room (UCR)

Complementary coffee and tea are available from the coffee machine at the following times:


10:30am - 11:30am
12:30pm - 2:30pm
6.30pm 8.30pm

On Saturdays, to coincide with brunch, complimentary coffee is served in the Hall rather than the UCR.

Outside of the times given, coffee and tea are £1.20 per cup.  Please use your debit or credit card to pay.  The machine does not accept coins or University cards.

Children are allowed in the Common Room on Saturdays.

Wolfson Café

The Wolfson Café is situated next to the Lodge and serves hot and cold drinks and snacks from 8am to 6.30pm every weekday (closes 5.30pm during the Covid-19 situation). 

At weekends, the Café is open from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. On Sundays, the Café is open from 9am to 2pm.  Note that the weekend staff member takes a short lunch break from 11am to 11.30am.  

College members can pay with battels, card and cash.  Please note that AMEX is not accepted and that the Café till is no longer able to look up accounts by customer name.

Cafe wifi password: leonard

Sunday Coffee Shop

During term time, coffee and cakes are served by volunteers from 13:00-15:00 in the Upper Common Room in aid of AMREF, the College charity.

Wine list

Wines may be purchased from the termly wine list.  To order, fill in a Cellar Order Form in Hall, leave it in the box, and wines will be left in the Lodge for collection.  The charge will be made to your battels.

Sustainably sourced

The fish served in Hall is either Marine Stewardship Council certified or locally farmed.