Answers to all the most important questions about how the project affects life in College.

We're playing our part in the global effort against climate change to reduce carbon emissions. The current construction work is taking place so we can minimise heat loss from the buildings on our main estate, and cut our carbon emissions. Read more about the project background here.  

We took on the project of decarbonising the main estate after bringing the decision through the committee cycle. Governing Body, which includes the support of the student body, agreed that the project is worthwhile. We continue to take any changes and updates on the project through the committee cycle to ensure everyone has an opportunity to voice their excitement, questions and concerns. 

  • All updates are published weekly on our Construction Updates page
  • You'll receive regular newsletters from Femke, your Communications Officer, summarising these updates and linking you through to further information on the website.
  • You'll receive a weekly email from Tim, your president, which points to the same updates alongside other weekly College highlights.
  • As and when construction work directly impacts your block, you'll receive an email from the Home Bursar inviting you to an in-person meeting to talk you through the details. 
  • As always, keep an eye on our social media accounts for the main headlines.

Send an email to the Home Bursar, and they'll be happy to help (

A rent discount of 25% will be paid to Block B residents for the whole of the main 2 month period in which windows were being changed to recognise the unexpected level of disruption they had experienced. All other blocks will receive a 10% reduction on rent during the period that their windows were or are being done.

The asphalt fumes caused by resurfacing the family courtyards also caused disruption for some residents, so a 10% discount on rent for those who live in M, CM, and RG blocks during the appropriate period will be paid.

The works are due to continue until March 2022. You can see an overview of the timeline here, as it currently stands. A second phase of works will continue soon afterwards. But the noisy disruption will be for short periods only, mainly when windows near you are being changed or those few weeks when road works and other specific building works require it.

Specific dates are being communicated to each block as the work progresses via email and in-person meetings. 

All noisy work takes place between 8am and 4pm. We're aware lots of you work and study from your rooms, so please do make the most of the other quiet spaces throughout college and the wider University libraries. Here's a list of places you can study and how to book them:

  • College Library
  • Bookable College Library carrels (via the Hub)
  • Media room (bookable via the Hub)
  • College seminar rooms (bookable via
  • Library breakout area
  • Upper common room
  • Lower common room
  • Fellows workroom in the annexe now accessible to students (please collect key fob from Lodge)
  • University Libraries

Parking remains more limited during the current projects as the South Car Park is closed.

We encourage those who are able to do so to avoid bringing cars to College and for those who cannot avoid having a car at College to make use of parking outside of the Annex and other College properties as space allows.

Those with underground car parking permits should be unaffected. Should you have any problems finding a place to park, please report to the Lodge who will try to assist you.

Our housekeeping team deep cleans communal kitchen and living areas at least once a week. In between those cleans, please keep your spaces neat and tidy (ie wash the dishes and keep surfaces clear) so they can look after those areas properly in the time they have allocated.