Wolfson 1966 Fund

Supporting expertise, today and tomorrow

Emphasizing expertise will distinguish Wolfson from the fundraising messaging put out by the undergraduate/mixed colleges and other institutions our alumni attended. By contrast, their alumni communications and fundraising tend to concentrate on teaching (“support the tutorial system”) and on universities/colleges as engines of social mobility (the `access agenda`).

And shining a spotlight on Wolfson expertise connects perfectly with Oxford’s status and self-projection as the world`s pre-eminent research university.

About the Appeal

'Expertise today, expertise tomorrow' can cover all our fundraising objectives – an umbrella under which specific priorities sit and the context in which they are articulated:

  • Delivering the masterplan – the buildings to give our students and fellows the facilities they need:
    • Spaces to meet and share their research with fellow experts from around the world (the Long Gallery, Linton Road North and South, the Bishop’s House)
    • Wellbeing and sports facilities to support physical and mental health, to foster the Wolfsonian esprit de corps, and for relaxation (the Wolfson Wellbeing Centre)
    • Accommodation to house them, to build the Wolfson community on-site, and to help them live and study without the pressure of private sector housing costs (the Garden Building).

We can call upon phenomenal examples of Wolfsonians whose expertise is changing the world. We need to showcase them to illustrate the campaign. Some examples which would fit the bill (and also illustrate Wolfson’s internationalism):

  • Fellows
    • Combatting the climate crisis: Moritz Riede – developing organic solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity at even lower cost and smaller CO2 footprint than silicon solar cells, the currently dominant technology, and one of the few renewable energy technologies that is scalable to multi-terawatt level.
    • Sustaining biodiversity: Nayanika Mathur – studying the interactions between humans and big cats.
  • Students
    • Nawamin Pinpathomrat – working to discover a cure for tuberculosis
    • Lesley Nelson-Addy – working to improve the experience of Black British students at universities
  • Alumni
    • Chris Whitty – managing the UK`s response to the greatest virus threat for a century
    • Miranda Fricker – world-class philosopher who coined the term ‘epistemic injustice’

And, to play to the nostalgia of alumni, we could profile the greats of Wolfson past:

    • Geza Vermes, whose expertise deciphered the Dead Sea Scrolls
    • Nikolaas Tinbergen, whose expertise as an animal behaviourist earned him the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine while a GB Fellow.

There are a number of ways to donate to the Wolfson 1966 Fund. We have listed below the best ways:

Online Giving

Our recommended method, you can donate directly to the Wolfson 1966 Fund here.You can set up regular online giving, or make a single gift with credit or debit card.

If you are in the USA, the most tax efficient way to donate online is through Americans for Oxford. To direct your donation to the Wolfson 1966 Fund select Wolfson College from the drop-down menu and specify it is for the Wolfson 1966 Fund in the further information box.

If you would like to donate by direct bank transfer please contact the Wolfson Alumni Office and we will provide you with the details.

Giving by Cheque 

Donations can also be made by cheque, payable to Wolfson College and sent to:
(Please mark the envelope with the letters 'VH')

The Wolfson Alumni Office
Wolfson College, Linton Road


How can I make my gift tax efficient?

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UK taxpayers

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USA taxpayers

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