Common Room

The Common Room is the hub of all social activity in college and was created by our founding president, Isaiah Berlin, to promote the democratic, social and cultural life of the College. Wolfson has a strong egalitarian tradition and a single Common Room organisation.  This provides minimum distinction between members of College, all of whom make use of the same facilities.

Though distinct from members of College, members of Common Room (MCR) enjoy many of the privileges enjoyed by Fellows, including dining rights in Hall (for which the charges are moderate), use of the library and room hire at discounted rates.  MCR are also invited to join many of the College's clubs and societies (some additional charges may apply), enjoy use of College facilities, attend the General Meeting and attend Guest Night Dinners subject to availability.  The College makes a modest charge to all Common Room members.

Membership & Charges

There is a Common Room subscription which all members have to pay which is settled by the Governing Body after recommendation passed at a General Meeting. Learn more.

General Meeting

Most decisions relating to the Common Room take place at General Meeting, which takes place twice each term. The General Meeting has power to determine what Common Room roles are elected, the method of their election, and their term of office. Learn more.

College Committees

Many of the college's committees send reports to the General Meeting before Governing Body. Learn more.

Upper and Lower Common Rooms

Wolfson has two physical common room spaces which are open to all members of College. Learn more.

Common Room roles

The Common Room provides for several roles which play a key part in the governance of the College, either by representing members' views at committee meetings, or ensuring the smooth running of projects and services. 

The Chair of General Meeting (GM) chairs General Meetings, ensuring they run smoothly and that the views of members of College and Common Room are represented as appropriate. This role is similar to the 'MCR President' role in other colleges, and they are supported by the First and Second Vice-Chairs of GM. 

The Chair of Social and Cultural Committee (SCC) chairs meetings of SCC and is supported by the Vice-Chair of SCC. Clubs and societies of the College report to SCC, which manages the Common Room's finances on behalf of General Meeting. 

The Welfare Officers support the welfare provision of the College and attend meetings of the Equality and Welfare Committee, alongside the Diversity Reps who together represent the diverse community of the CollegeThe Environmental Rep chairs the College's Green Team and attends meetings of the Domestic and Premises Committee, supporting related projects in College. 

The Amref Rep and Chair of BarCo (Bar Club Committee) are project group and club roles which support fundraising for the Amref charity and the smooth running of the College's Cellar Bar respectively. 

Email subscription

Wolfson uses internal mailing lists to communicate with College and Common Room members, and Common Room members are automatically signed up to get our news and events emails.