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Common Room

The Common Room is the hub of all social activity in college and was created by our founding president, Isaiah Berlin, to promote the democratic, social and cultural life of the College.

The Common Room includes all members of the College and other individuals who have been elected by the Governing Body. Common Room membership brings with it most of the privileges including dining rights in Hall, use of the library and sports facilities, room hire and eligibility for membership of most College committees.

Membership & Charges

There is a Common Room subscription which all members have to pay which is settled by the Governing Body after recommendation passed at a General Meeting. Learn more.

General Meeting

The running of the Common Room is overseen at General Meetings of the members of the College. The General Meeting has power to determine what Common Room officers are elected, the method of their election, and their term of office. Learn more.

College Committees

All the college's committees report back to the General Meeting and the Governing Body. Learn more.

Upper, Lower & East Common Room

Wolfson has three common rooms which are open to all members of College. Learn more.

College Reps

Chair of General Meeting - Minhui Wei

Chair of Barco - Catherine Wormald

Chair of SCC - Bogdan-Gabriel Draghici

Email subscription

Wolfson uses internal mailing lists to communicate with our college members. Community members can sign up to get our news and events emails. Sign up

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