Academic Office

The Academic Office is responsible for all aspects of student administration handled by the College, starting with the admissions process, continuing through your course and finishing with your graduation ceremony.

Contact us

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Academic Office team is working remotely. We are handling all queries over email in the first instance, and you are always welcome to email us at the address below. Emails are monitored from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and until 4pm on Fridays; we can also arrange phone conversations with members of the team where required. Please email any forms which require our attention (in an editable format, if they require our signature) to

In the below sections we have updated information regarding the following processes in light of the coronavirus pandemic:

  • University cards ('Bod cards')
  • GSO forms (e.g. Transfer of Status, DPhil Extension of Time, etc.)
  • Enrolment certificates
  • Transcripts


Who we are

Contact and emergency contact information

Please ensure that these details are kept updated on your University student record in Student Self Service. When you update your details, please email the Academic Office so that we can update College records also.

University cards

Your university card gives you:

  • Access to the College library, laundry and the side door of the Academic Wing
  • Access to University buildings and libraries
  • The ability to make cashless purchases of food and drink in the dining hall, café, Cellar Bar and prnting in the library.

If your card has expired, please contact the Academic Office to arrange a new card. Please note that due to the coronavirus outbreak, the University Card Office will not be issuing new cards for the foreseeable future. Instead, the expiry date on your current card will be extended, meaning that you can continue to use your current card. Your remote IT access will also continue uninterrupted. Your new card will be issued when normal service resumes.

If your card has been damaged or lost, please contact the Academic Office for assistance, as the Card Office is not issuing replacement cards for the foreseeable future. 

Enrolment certificates

Should you need to confirm your enrolled student status during your studies, you can download an enrolment certificate from Student Self Service. This has been designed for a variety of purposes such as opening a bank account, exemption from council tax applications (for full-time students) or obtaining tourist visas. If you need to have the form certified, you should email it directly to the Academic Office and it will be returned to you generally within 2 working days. Please note that these forms can only be certified electronically while we are working remotely

Progress reviews

Trinity Term progress reviews, which are 10-minute one-to-one check-ins with the President or Senior Tutor, will now be open to all students instead of those in Year 3 and up of their course. They are optional this term and will be conducted remotely. Any student who wishes to have a quick catch-up with the President or Senior Tutor may book a progress review; please note that you will be asked when booking to state if there are any specific matters you wish to discuss so that, if necessary, we can forward you any relevant information in advance of your meeting. Please contact the Academic Office for further details on how to book a progress review.

GSO forms

GSO forms, or graduate progression forms, are the forms that research students complete to move through milestones on their course. If you are on a taught course (i.e. most master's degrees), you will likely not need to submit a GSO form. These forms are processed by the Academic Office, and will either be signed by the Senior Tutor or the Academic Registrar. Forms must be emailed directly to the Academic Office in an editable format (eg word/editable PDF). Anyone listed above the College section of the form (normally you and your supervisor) should have completed their sections of the form before it is submitted to the Academic Office. If this has not happened, we will not be able to process your form.

When completed, we will email the form back to you so that you can send it to the appropriate departmental contact. Please note this may take slightly longer than our usual turnaround time so you should allow at least 3 working days.

Please note that these forms cannot be signed on demand as there are certain things we need to check against your student record. If there are any outstanding issues (e.g. overdue battels) we will be in touch to follow up.

College advisors

All students are assigned a college advisor, who is a senior member of the College. Your college advisor can:

provide pastoral support, for example on health, personal or coping issues, and/or direct you to appropriate persons for assistance; monitor your progress, by discussing your University supervision reports and by being available for consultation, either in person or by email; discuss with you any problems or difficulties you may be experiencing in your department or faculty, and/or with your supervisor; consult the Senior Tutor if there are concerns about your academic progress and if you appear to be experiencing difficulties with your academic work; offer guidance on sources of support available within the College and University.

Your college advisor may be changed during periods of sabbatical or other academic leave. Should there be reasons for you to seek a change of advisor, you should contact the Academic Registrar.

We also host a number of social events every year for advisors to meet with their advisees. If your advisor is able to attend one of these events, you will be invited to attend as well. They usually take place in Weeks 2 and 7 of every term.

In addition, your college advisor may be able to offer you advice on academic-related matters such as applications for research funding, conferences and seminar attendance, publication and career plans.

Your college advisor is not expected to perform the role of your department or faculty supervisor(s), and is not responsible for directing your academic work or for giving detailed academic guidance.

You will first meet your college advisor during your first term, and you are encouraged to contact your college advisor as and when you need advice or help. If you are not sure who your advisor is, please contact the Academic Office.

Associate membership

Partners and spouses of students can apply to become associate members of the College's Common Room for a cost of £16 per term. Membership entitles them to a College swipe-card that they can use to access the laundry and library and charge items to their college account (also known as battels). It also allows them to join college clubs and societies and dine in the Hall. Please note: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University Card Office is not issuing new cards for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to apply for associate membership of the College, please see the guidelines and application form here. The application form should be returned to the Academic Office.

Associate members retain their status with the College for as long as

the person they are associated with is a student of the College, and the associate member pays the termly membership charge via their battels.

Please note that the membership fee listed above is for the current academic year and may be subject to periodic increases. To cancel your associate membership, please contact the Academic Office.

Completing your course & graduation

When you have completed your programme of study, your status as a student of the University and of Wolfson College will come to an end. For taught courses, this will be once you have completed all examinations and coursework. For research courses, this will be once you receive leave to supplicate, which will either happen soon after the viva or after any corrections have been approved. When your student status ends, your student card will be cancelled, your Oxford email account will come to an end, and your accommodation contract with the College may end or your rent may change. We will be in touch upon the completion of your course to notify you that these changes will shortly be taking place. In all cases it is a good idea to begin thinking about any arrangements you will need to make before you complete your course. Please see the University's guidance on completing your studies and finishing IT use at Oxford.

The Academic Office makes arrangements for degree days, including graduation ceremony bookings for current and past students, in-College celebrations on degree days and distribution of degree certificates (except for July ceremonies, as the University issues certificates for those ceremonies). Please see the Graduation Ceremonies page for more information.


On-course and final transcripts for students who started their studies in Michaelmas Term 2007 or later can be ordered through the University, along with extra copies of degree certificates, verifications of degrees and degree confirmation letters (the latter are available to students who have completed their studies but not yet attended a graduation ceremony). Full details of services available can be found on the Graduation and Leaving Oxford section of the University website. Please note that you should always order these well in advance as they take two to three weeks to be produced. The University does not issue electronic transcripts.

If you commenced your course before Michaelmas 2007, you can instead contact the Academic Office to request a transcript. Please note that we require at least two to three weeks' notice to produce an official letter or transcript. Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, we may not be able to produce a transcript, as many of our paper records are stored offsite and are currently irretrievable.

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