Policies & Procedures

Wolfson College has policies and procedures in place to guide the day-to-day running of the College for members, staff and students.

Copies of the following Policies are available on request to home.bursar@wolfson.ox.ac.uk:

Reference Policy Description
WOLF-W-P001 Periodic inspection and testing
WOLF-W-P002 Permit to work
WOLF-W-P003 Personal Protective Equipment
WOLF-W-P004 H&S Management System
WOLF-W-P005 Manual Handling
WOLF-W-P006 Risk Assessment
WOLF-W-P007 Skips Approval
WOLF-W-P008 Portable Appliance Testing
WOLF-W-P009 Accident Reporting
WOLF-W-P010 Estates Site Handbook
WOLF-W-P011 Pregnant Workers
WOLF-W-P012 Service Tunnel Crawl Duct
WOLF-W-P013 Window Restrictor
WOLF-W-P014 H&S Training
WOLF-W-FIRE-001 Fire Actions and Procedures (Staff)
WOLF-W-FIRE-002 Fire Action
WOLF-W-FIRE-005 Fire Safety
WOLF-W-FIRE-007 False Fire Alarm
BarCo Bar Fire Assessment Policy Bar safe capacity fire assessment policy