Printing at Wolfson

There printing facilities available at two locations in the College. The cost of printing is billed to your Wolfson College account. You require a current university card for this service.

Sending print jobs



From the PCs in the Library

Log into any Library PC with your Oxford SSO account (the same details you use for Nexus 365 email). Load your document (from USB, email or any other method) and print as normal - ensure the selected printer is Library and Lodge queue. Finally, release the job at your chosen printer following the instructions below.


From USB memory directly at the printer-copies

Plugging USB memory directly into the machine enables you to quickly and easily print the files stored in the USB memory without having to use a computer. Because the job prints immediately without needing to be released, there is no opportunity to review the cost – please make sure you are aware of the current cost of printing in the College. The following file types can be printed: PDF, TIFF, JPEG. Files to be printed should be saved no further down than the top 3 folder levels.

  1. Tap your University Card at the marked place on the copier, the system will log into your print account.
  2. Insert your USB storage into the USB port on the left hand side of the copier's screen.
  3. Select Device Functions then Use Device Functions then Print/Scan (Memory Storage Device)
  4. Select Print from Storage Device then select USB
  5. If the file to be printed is in a folder, select the folder and press Open.
  6. Tick the box next to the file to be printed and press Print.
  7. Select the number of copies, and choose between Colour or Black and White using the buttons below the screen. Other options such as duplexing can be set on the screen. Remember that selecting Black and White and double sided printing will save you money.
  8.  Press the Start button printing of the selected file begins.
  9. Select the Remove Memory button at the bottom of the screen, towards the left, and when prompted, unplug your USB device.


Using Web Print

Web Print works by uploading the document to a Wolfson College server and the server using its copy of Word/Excel/etc to print the job. It is a very convenient way to print from your own computer without installing any new software. Occasionally small differences, such as the choice of fonts installed on the server, will mean the printed document is not exactly as you see it on your screen. For this reason, if layout is important, we recommend exporting your file to PDF and then uploading the PDF to Web Print.

1. Save your file (or ideally, export to PDF, see above)

2. Visit and log on with your Oxford SSO account

3. Select Web Print from the menu

4. Select Submit a Job.

5. Select a printer for the type of print job you wish to send. Remember that Monochrome (black and white/greyscale) and double sided printing will save you money. The current charges for printing can be seen by selecting Rates from the menu. Select Print Options and Account Selection to continue.

6. Confirm how many copies you wish to print, then select Upload Documents.

7. Select Upload from Computer, find the file you wish to print, then select Upload & Complete to continue.

8. Monitor the resulting page once your job's status is Held in a queue, you can proceed to release the job at your chosen printer by following the instructions below.


Releasing print jobs

Releasing print jobs



The following are the charges for printing in college: 

   Paper Size