Allocation of Accommodation

The Accommodation Office allocate College Accommodation and it is recommended that you apply for accommodation as soon as possible.

New Students

Once you have accepted your offer from Wolfson, you will be sent the Accommodation paperwork by email.  This paperwork consists of a Description of the Accommodation, rent information, Miscellaneous Charges, a map of the College grounds and an application form.  It is recommended that you apply for accommodation as soon as possible, even if you are awaiting funding confirmation. If, at a later stage, you find that you are unable to obtain the necessary funding, you can let the Accommodation Office know and your application can be withdrawn.  The College will consider all applications received by 4 May 2021 (WK2 TT) in a gathered field.  We will notify you of the outcome of your application during June 2021. All students who are not offered accommodation at this point will be kept on a waiting list.  Students who apply for accommodation after the deadline of 4 May 2021 will also be added to the waiting list. This process will continue throughout the summer until all accommodation has been rented.  If you are unsuccessful in obtaining Wolfson accommodation you will be contacted and provided with alternative ways to look for accommodation.

Once the Offer of Accommodation has been accepted in writing by you, the Accommodation Office will contact you with arrival information.  If at this stage you wish to cancel or postpone the accommodation offered without financial penalty, you will be required to provide one calendar months' notice prior to your arrival date, i.e. if you originally planned to move in on 1 October cancellation notice must be received by the Accommodation Office by 1 September.  Students on two or three year courses will be able to apply for accommodation for second and subsequent years through the Annual Accommodation Ballot.  Once you move in to accommodation you will be required to provide two calendar months' if you wish to terminate your Licence early.

Accommodation Ballot

Paperwork for the annual Accommodation Ballot will be emailed to all eligible Members during January each year.  Allocation is made on the length of time already lived in accommodation, i.e. someone who has been in accommodation for only 10 months is more likely to be offered accommodation than someone who has been in accommodation for 36 months.   Allocation starts with the applicants who have occupied College accommodation for the shortest period, until all accommodation is let.  Some accommodation, M Block, C Block and Catherine Marriott singles must be vacated during the summer.  If you live in one of the above blocks and require accommodation from 30 June onwards, then alternative accommodation can generally be found in other buildings for the summer, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Summer Extensions

Students on one year courses, who may need accommodation over the summer, will be able to apply for a Summer Extension.  This will include students in M Block, C Block and the Catherine Marriott Building who require accommodation past 30 June. Due to maintenance works taking place over the Summer we cannot always guarantee accommodation for the entire summer. The paperwork for this will be available during February, and completed forms will be kept on file until after the Ballot allocation is completed.  These extensions cannot be guaranteed, but every effort will be made to help.

The Summer Extension Forms for Summer 2021 have been released to all eligible students. If you haven't received this link but believe you should have please email the accommodation office.