Visiting Scholars

This status is to enable invited academics and comparable creative persons to carry out research in Oxford for any period of time up to two years.

Prospective visitors may come for any period of time up to two years.

Application Process

Visiting Scholars are elected by the Fellowships and Membership Committee twice each term (weeks ‘0' and ‘5' in the University Term). Candidates must be proposed and seconded by two current College members, one of whom should be a Governing Body Fellow who knows the candidate personally or is familiar with their academic work. Please click here for the application form and rules. Completed applications should be received by the closing dates below. 

Graduate students are not eligible and self-proposals are not accepted for this membership.

Closing Dates

Michaelmas Term 2023 22 September 2023 27 October 2023
Hilary Term 2024 28 December 2023 2 February 2024
Trinity Term 2024 5 April 2024 10 May 2024



A termly* subscription of £289 (£250 plus £39 for membership of the common room). Click here to learn more about Common Room Memberships.

*Including a fourth term for those staying over the summer vacation.