Rosalind Rickaby awarded the Lyell Medal

Published on:

Thursday 9 March


Governing Body Fellow Rosalind Rickaby, Professor of Biogeochemistry, is the 2017 recipient of the prestigious Lyell Medal, given by the Geological Society of London, awarded to geologists whose research has made a significant contribution to 'soft' rock studies.

The Geological Society of London highlighted that Professor Rickaby’s research involves the complex interactions between the evolution of organisms, ocean chemistry, atmospheric composition and Earth’s climate.

The Geological Society of London, founded 1807, is a learned and professional body, of over 12,000 Earth scientists with a remit to investigate, interpret, discuss, inform and advise on the nature and processes of the Earth, their practical importance to humanity, and, in the interests of the public, to promote professional excellence.

Professor Rickaby is presenting the Wolfson College London Lecture 2017 at the Old Hall, London. Please join us for the event on Monday 20 March 2017, at 6PM.