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20 - 20
Mar Mar
Wolfson College London Lecture 2017


Monday 20 March 2017


18:00 to 21:00


Professor Rosalind Rickaby

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Venue: The Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn, WC2A 3TL, London Reception to follow the lecture.

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Kathie Mackay

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Earth's Thermostat: Can we turn down the temperature?Our burning of fossil fuels during the industrialised era is an experiment of unprecedented scale and rate of change for the Earth. A peek into the geological past reveals that Earth, and indeed life upon it, has evolved through extreme “greenhouse” conditions towards our glaciated world of today, and also recovered from short-lived “catastrophic burps” of greenhouse gas emissions.

This talk will explore the natural feedbacks, often dependent on the life, that have operated to remove carbon from the atmosphere and maintain Earth within habitable conditions. This raises the question of whether mankind could accelerate natural feedbacks to solve the challenge of limiting global warming to <2oC by 2100.