Wireless at Wolfson

Wireless networking is available in a few places in Wolfson. This is based on two services provided by the University, OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN) and eduroam. Both services are available in other places outside Wolfson, and once a computer is set up for one of these services it will also work in those other locations.

To some extent, the service that is chosen will depend on where else the machine might be used - OWL is available in many other colleges and departments in Oxford, while eduroam is not yet so widely available within Oxford, but is available worldwide at other academic institutions.

For either service, members of the University will need a Remote Access account. This will most likely have the same username as your Single Sign On (Webmail, etc) account, but may have a different password. The Wolfson IT Team recommend that you do keep the passwords for these two accounts different, for security reasons. If you have a Single Sign On account (for example, if you use Webmail), you can apply for a Remote Access account online.

Members of Common Room who are not members of the University will need to use the OWL service with a University Visitor Network login, available from the IT Team (see below for more details)


The instructions for Eduroam depend on what operating system you use. While there are a lot of steps in the setup (particularly for Windows XP), each step is fairly simple, so if you follow the instructions you should get connected easily.

OUCS instructions for connecting to eduroam


For University members

University Members who associate with the OWL wireless network will then need to use a VPN client to encrypt and authorise their connection. Instructions for this are on the OUCS webpages. However please note that at Wolfson the OWL-VPN network is identified simply as OWL, so where those instructions mention connecting to OWL-VPN, please connect instead to OWL.

The VPN client encrypts your network traffic back to OUCS. Once the VPN client is installed, you can also use it with other wired or wireless connections (for example wireless hotspots at coffee shops) if you are concerned about your connection being intercepted.

For other Members of Common Room

Members of Common Room who are not members of the University will also need to connect to the OWL wireless network, but will have to enter a username and password when they first start using the connection. These passwords will be issued by college IT Staff at IT Surgeries, to Members of Common Room who require them and have paid the College's IT Facilities Charge. This service is unencrypted, and members using it are advised to encrypt sensitive data in some other manner when using this service. In other locations in the University, Members of Common Room may have to connect to the OWL-Visitor wireless network.

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