Alan Bowman Portrait
Professor Alan Bowman delivers the Ronald Syme Lecture

Published on:

7 November 2019

The lecture, entitled "Alexandria in the Roman Empire: Politics, Commerce and Culture" will take place on Thursday 7 November.

Alexandria was for many centuries, the largest and most important city in the eastern Mediterranean. This lecture explores how Rome tried to ensure its political stability which was crucial for its military control and economic interests in the east. This involved direct and indirect management by the imperial house of its role as the conduit through which the wealth of Egypt and the eastern luxury goods reached the Mediterranean and Italy. At the same time, the complex social and cultural character of its population changed and developed a profile distinct from the earlier period under the Ptolemies, turning it into a 'world-capital' which attracted the presence and influence of elites from Rome and the wider empire.

The annual lecture is free and open to all, set up in memory of Sir Ronald Syme, OM, the notable historian and classicist. He was a Fellow of Wolfson College from 1970 until 1989.

Annual Syme Lecture - Alexandria in the Roman Empire: Politics, Commerce and Culture
7 November 2019, 18:00, the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium
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