Sketch of the new buttery
The Old Lodge and Buttery Renovation Project

Published on:

Monday 5 November

Wolfson College is undertaking an exciting renovation project of the Buttery and the Old Lodge.

This state-of-the-art improvement project, designed by BGS Architects, will link the Old Lodge and Buttery with the Academic Wing, which was finished in 2016. In speaking about the new refurbishment, the President of the College, Sir Tim Hitchens said:

"The Buttery and Old Lodge will be an exciting place for students and members  – a place to meet, learn, and socialise. The room will be available as a bookable space and provide an enhanced venue for functions and meals when the Hall is being used for events. The architecture will be sympathetic to the original architecture of these rooms when the College was built, as well as blending and matching with the themes of recent new buildings added to Wolfson College, such as the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium and the Academic Wing."

The work will start on Monday 5 November 2018. Plans of the new Buttery are available to view in the old Lodge, and any queries at any time should be raised with the Bursar or the Home Bursar.

Please note that contractors will be moving in and out of the Buttery worksite during the project, and often using the same walkways and stairs as members of the College, so we would ask all to take great care at all times during the project, and take particular care to supervise children around the College.