Wolfson College Architecture
A Masterplan for Wolfson

Published on:

27 September 2019


As Wolfson College begins to consider the next phase in its development, we have contracted award-winning architects Penoyre and Prasad to produce an architectural masterplan. This will look several decades into the future, and give the College an architectural context for any future proposals on our physical development.

Penoyre and Prasad will be working closely with the College and its members over the next few months to understand Wolfson’s particular character, its geographical relationships, and questions of sustainability.

Sir Tim Hitchens, the President of Wolfson College said Wolfson is delighted to be working with Penoyre & Prasad as we envisage the College’s future. Oxford Colleges are enduring organisations, who think long-term; we are home and workplace; our people come from 69 different countries and all ages. So our future built environment needs to reflect those special characteristics. We look forward to working together with a great architectural practice.

Penoyre & Prasad said It is a privilege to be commissioned for this exciting and complex project. We look forward to working closely with the Wolfson community to sensitively enlarge the estate in a way that continues a very distinguished architectural heritage that is itself a reflection of the egalitarian, international and open spirited culture of the College. Both client and architect also want to ensure that the masterplan addresses the climate emergency and resource scarcity.”

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