Japan's Energy Policy after the Fukushima Disaster

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Monday 20 May

Wolfson College welcomes Mr Hirose, Executive Vice Chairman for Fukushima Affairs for a lecture on Japan's Energy Policy after the Fukushima Disaster. 

Eight years after the disastrous accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, this lecture will elaborate on how the clean-up operation has gone, what the Japanese attitudes to nuclear power are nowadays, and what energy mix is right for a resource-poor economic superpower. Mr Hirose, who has worked for the Tokyo Electric Power Company for four decades, will set out his views and take all questions about Japan's current Energy Policy. 

About the event, Sir Tim Hitchens said, "The Fukushima disaster - a tsunami catastrophe followed by a nuclear catastrophe - shook Japan's sense of itself and its energy policy. For decades Japan, with few natural resources of its own, has comforted itself that its nuclear fleet guaranteed a substantial domestic energy supply. The great metropolis of Tokyo relied very heavily on electricity from the Fukushima reactor. Mr Hirose has lived through the difficult post-accident years, and is only now able to travel abroad to talk about them. He will ruminate on the continuing case for nuclear; but the costs, and the new opportunities offered by the plummeting costs of renewables. Do come and listen to his expertise and experience." 

Japan's Energy Policy After The Fukushima Disaster
Date: 21 May 2019
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