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AWRC Special Lecture: the Ithaca project

Add to Calendar AWRC Special Lecture: the Ithaca projectThe Leonard Wolfson Auditorium
The Leonard Wolfson Auditorium
Thea Sommerschield
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AWRC Special Lecture: Restoring, dating and placing Greek inscriptions with machine learning: the Ithaca project.

Ithaca is the first deep neural network for the textual restoration, geographical attribution and chronological attribution of ancient Greek inscriptions. This AI model is designed to assist and expand the historian’s workflow, focusing on collaboration, decision support and interpretability. In this presentation, I will introduce Ithaca and guide you through the model's architecture, design de cisions and visualisation aids. I will also offer a demo of how to use Ithaca for your personal research.

The talk will be followed by a drinks reception in the cafe.