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Academic year 2017-18

Life-Writing Lunch Series 2017-18
Everyday matters: Writing Obscure Lives, 5-6 May 2018

Day 1

Keynote: Alison Light, 'Writing the Lives of "Common People": Reflections on the Idea of Obscurity', introduced by Elleke Boehmer

Panel 1: Representing the Marginalised (chair: Katherine Collins)

Hari Reed - 'The Ethical Dilemmas of Researching and Representing "Refugee Lives"'
Kerri McGiveron - '"A Week in April": The Lived Experience of Big Flame Activists in the Kirkby Rent Strike 1972-73'
Marta Laura Cenedese - 'Photographing Refugees: Life-writing, Activism, and the Everyday'

Panel 2: Children's Lives Panel (chair: Jonathan Taylor)

Sevasti-Melissa Nolas - 'Childhood, temporality and biography: making biographical research with younger children possible' 
Catherine Sloan - '"i av nevvir bene too scoole": Writing, Selfhood, and the Ordinary Schoolchild in the Nineteenth Century'
Kirsty Edwards-Capes - 'Interrogating "poor outcomes" and disrupted care in children's fiction' 

Panel 3: Village Tales screening and discussion

Sue Sudbury - 'Village Tales, Participatory filmmaking in rural India'

Day 2

Keynote: Alexander Masters, introduced by David Lynn

Panel 1: Everyday Aesthetics and Creative Representations Panel (chair: Alexandra Effe)

Marie Lindskov Hansen - 'Everyday versus/equals Art'
Alison Twells - 'Getting closer to Norah: storying the ordinary pocket diary'

Panel 2: sources of Everyday Lives Panel (chair: Hana Navratilova)

Rachel Matthews - 'When written lives collide: Comparing narrations of the Coventry Blitz in the Midland Daily Telegraph and Mass Observation archive'

Jeremy Burchardt - 'Comparing obscure lives: the possibilities of long-run, unpublished diaries'
Tanja Kovačič, Patricia Prieto-Blanco, Anne Byrne - 'Memory Books: Viktorija's Story' 

Panel 3: Lives of Crime Panel (chair: Kitty Hauser)

Mairi Hamilton - 'The Life and Death of Margaret Paterson: A Case Study of Sexual Violence, Embodiment and Subjectivity in Scotland, 1830'

Craig Newbery-Jones and Judith Rowbotham - '"Writing the Life of Crime": The Micro and Macro Analysis of the Narratives of Everyday offending and Conceiving the "Experience" of Crime'

Transnational Lives and Cosmopolitan Biographies - 17 March 2018

Introduction and welcome by Sandra Mayer and Philip Bullock 

Panel 1: Dictionaries of International Biography (chair: Sandra Mayer)

Clément Dessy (Warwick) - ‘Cross-Border Narratives and Life Writing: Émile Verhaeren by Stefan Zweig’

Ana Parejo Vadillo (Birkbeck) - ‘The Turn to the Right: Maurice Barrès and “Les Trois Mary” de Mary Robinson’

Panel 2: lives in Interwar Paris (chair: Richard Hibbitt) 

Emily Eells (Paris-Nanterre): ‘An American in Paris: Writing the Life of Natalie Clifford Barney’s Salon’

Laura Scuriatti (Bard College, Berlin): ‘Mina Loy’s Insel: A Collaborative Biography’

Jonathan Conlin (Southampton): ‘The Pasdeurma Problem: The Supranational Life of Calouste Gulbenkian (1869-1955)’

Panel 3: Lives Across time and Space (chair: Philip Bullock)

Sylvia Mieszkowski (Vienna): ‘The Cosmopolitan Wife: Isabel Burton's Ghostwriting of The Life as Creative Self-Othering’

Katherine Collins (Oxford): ‘Old Colonials and Europhiles: Identity and Contemporary Transnational Narratives’

Roundtable (chair: Sandra Mayer) 

Elleke Boehmer (Oxford), Stefano Evangelista (Oxford), Laura Marcus (Oxford),

Claudia Olk (Berlin), Juergen Schlaeger (Berlin)

Weinrebe Lecture Series 2017-18
Life-Writing and Female Celebrity Conference – 4 November 2017

Keynote: Patricia Duncker, ‘The Women who 'Meant to Do It': George Eliot and Celebrity Performance’

Panel 1: Women's Lives and Celebrity in the 18th Century (chair: Anna Senkiw)

  • Stella Tillyard - Celebrities and Heroines: Commercial Biography and Eighteenth-Century Women (podcast unavailable)
  • Ruth Scobie - Pre-Truth Media and the Female Imposter: The Case of 'Elizabeth Harriet Grieve'

Panel 2: Female Celebrity Performance across Media and Genres (chair: Sandra Mayer) 

  • Mary Luckhurst - Staging Lives: Celebrity Actresses Playing Real-Life Celebrities
  • Oline Eaton - God Bless Jackie-The Only Thing that Can Make Us Forget the Bomb
  • Hannah Yelin - Celebrity Performativity and Cultural Value: Reading Grace Jones' I'll Never Write my Memoirs
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2016-17

Dancing Lives Conference 2016 - 8 July 2017

Panel 1 - Historical Dancing:

  • Michael Burden: 'Mademoiselle Mercandotti, Hughes Balls Hughes, and the (Scandalous) Uses of a Green Room'
  • Mike Webb and Jennifer Thorp: 'Dancing All Night with Aphra Behn - Jeffrey Boys's Almanack for 1667'
  • Julia Bührle: 'Marie Taglioni: The First Female Superstar of Ballet'

Plenary 1 - Jennifer Homans in conversation with Sue Jones on George Balanchine

Panel 2 - Inter/national Dancing Lives:

  • Jane Pritchard: 'Julia Seale, Missing Dancer'
  • Judith Mackrell: 'Lydia Lopokova: A Twentieth-Century Life'
  • Michael Huxley: 'Presence and Absence: Kurt Jooss'

Panel 3 - Dance and Biography:

  • Funmi Adewole: 'Francis Nii Yartey: A Pioneer Practitioner-Researcher in African Dance'
  • Ramsay Burt: 'Berto Pasuka: A Dancing Life of Colonialism and Diasporic Culture'

Plenary 2 - Dame Monica Mason: 'Travelling and Dancing'

The Lives of Houses, Colloquium – 27 May 2017

Daisy Hay: 'Crenellations at Hughenden and a Nightmare in London: Writing Space in Mr and Mrs Disraeli and Dinner with Joseph Johnson' (podcast unavailable)

Roundtable Discussion: Presenting Lives of Houses, including Nino Strachey, Serena Dyer and Alexandra Harris

Panel 1: Writers’ Houses 

  • Alexandra Harris: 'Moving Home: Cowper, Clare and Woolf'
  • Frankie Kubicki: 'Re-presenting Dickens: Interpreting Dickens in the 21st Century'
  • Nicola Watson: 'Making Shakespeare’s New Place New'

Panel 2: Musicians’ and Architects’ Houses

  • Gillian Darley: 'A House for John Soane, a House for Julie'
  • Lucy Walker: '"The Man Himself": Finding Britten at The Red House'
  • James Grasby: 'Edward Elgar: Curating a Life'
Self/knowledge: Autobiography and Research – 25 February 2017
Celebiography: Celebrity and Life-Writing in Dialogue – 19 November 2016
ODNB Discussion panel: Constructing Lives – 29 November 2016

ODNB Discussion panel: Constructing Lives - 29 November 2016

  • Alexander Masters (Author of A Life Discarded and Stuart: A Life Backwards)
  • Philip Carter (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography)
  • Victoria Van Hyning (Oxford University)
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2015-16

Weinrebe Lecture Series 2015-16
Silence in the Archives Conference – 7 November 2015
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2014-15

Disputed Lives workshop – 16 May 2015
Symposium: ‘The Many Lives of Benjamin Disraeli’ – 24 March 2015
Weinrebe Lecture Series 2014-15
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2013-14

Coetzee’s Lives Seminar – 13 June 2014
The Lives of Objects Conference – 20-22 September 2013

Hermione Lee, Opening Address, 20 September 2013


Special Sessions:


Weinrebe Lecture Series 2013-14
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2012-13

Weinrebe Lecture Series 2012-13
Invited Speakers

Academic year 2011-12

Weinrebe Lecture Series 2011-12
Invited Speakers

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