AMREF Health Africa

AMREF Health Africa has been the College's chosen Charity for nearly 40 years.

Then in 1992 The Wolfson/AMREF Group was formed to coordinate fundraising. Two years later the 'Wolfson/AMREF Bursary' was established. This now makes available £3,000 each year for the assistance of students taking AMREF's healthcare and medical training courses in Nairobi. Bursary recipients regularly write to Wolfson, thanking everyone for this support. Additional funds support specific projects identified by Amref and discussed at AMREF Group termly meetings.

The Wolfson AMREF Group is informal and friendly, and does not require a great commitment. If you are interested, then please come along to one of their meetings. Meetings are held at 1.30pm on Tuesday of Week 1 each term. Or contact Dr Mark Pottle at Wolfson College, Oxford.

Hilary/Trinity 2021 – Wolfson Supports AMREF’s End FGM/C: Alternative Rites of Passage and WASH project

Facilitated by the Wolfson Amref Group, The College has made a donation of £2,500 to support Amref Health Africa’s project ‘End FGM/C: Alternative Rites of Passage and WASH’. This is an integrated project aiming to end FGM/C in 7 communities in Kajiado County, Kenya, whilst also increasing access to clean water and sanitation.
Building on Amref’s ongoing work in the region the project will train 90 Community Health Workers, through Amref’s mobile learning platform, on infection prevention at community and health facilities, so that they can pass vital information on to communities as well as providing access to clean water for over 3,000 people. The project will support 1,500 girls at risk of FGM/C in 7 villages, and in doing so support the villages to become FGM/C free communities by 2023. Amref will also attach a trained health worker to each village to monitor and report all forms of violence against women and girls, including FGM/C, domestic violence and Early Child and Forced Marriages.
Wolfson has received a letter of thanks from Amref, with communications officer Alex Gray writing the following:
‘We believe that access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege - and, like you, we're determined that no one is left behind. Your support will enable us to provide access to clean water for communities, as well as information on infection prevention. It will also enable us to train health workers on tackling violence against women and support girls at risk of FGM/C.
On behalf of everyone at Amref, and the communities who we work with in Kenya, thank you so much for your generosity. We look forward to keeping you updated on the impact of your support and the progress of the project.’

A letter of thanks to the Wolfson College community, from Alex Gray, Amref UK's Fundraising Officer, 25 June 2021, can be found below, alongside Amref UK's project proposal to the College Amref Group, May 2021


How donations help AMREF create lasting health change in Africa

Money raised in College has been directed towards specific projects listed here. A full report on the ‘Afya Kwa Vijana' Project can be downloaded below.

  • £1000 towards AMREF's work on the research and treatment of malaria
  • £2000 bought a chest freezer, overhead projector and slide projector for a laboratory in Kenya
  • £1400 purchased a laboratory computer for Dr Jane Carter, who visited Wolfson to talk about her work in a remote Kenyan hospital
  • £1500 towards a portable computer and software for the same laboratory
  • £1500 for a World Health Organisation 'Blue Trunk Library' for a health centre in rural Entasopia
  • £2000 towards the expansion and development of the Mahler Library in Kenya
  • £3000 to help provide clean water supplies for the people of Homa Bay in Western Kenya
  • £2000 to provide basic health care and medical services in the Gedo region of Somalia
  • £2800 towards a new health resource centre in Uganda
  • £2200 to support distance e-learning training for nurses
  • £4700 to support the Kabale Youth Project in the south west of Uganda, near the Rwandan border
  • £4000 to support the Trachoma Project in the Turkana region of Northern Kenya
  • £2000 to purchase ICT equipment for offices in Ethiopia
  • £1500 to support community structures in Katine, Uganda, for sustainable community-led development
  • £3000 to support clinical outreach for Fistula repair in Kenya and Uganda
  • £3200 for the training of two African midwives by 2015
  • £1600 for the training of one African midwife
  • £1000 for the purchase of 50 bicycles for midwives
  • £2750 for a Medical Laboratory Practices and Management Course
  • £2000 for a Malaria Mocroscopics Course
  • £8,000 towards Amref's Afya kwa Vijana project in Meatu, Tanzania.  This project improves young people's access to quality sexual and reproductive health services.

Please help ensure the continuance of this valuable link by supporting our annual battels appeal (see below). Your gift will help improve healthcare in Africa, and demonstrate Wolfson's continuing concern for others.


A letter of thanks from Amref to the Wolfson community, 25 June 2021

'End FGM.C' Project Proposal for Wolfson College Amref Group, May 2021