Out now: Romulus 2017-18

Published on
Monday 9 July 2018
Art & Humanities

Romulus is the literary magazine of Wolfson College. It strives in print to represent the voice of Wolfson, to express the diversity of our lives as individuals and to capture the buzz of the community we share. This year's issue focusses on borders, broadly defined. Inspiration came from the US-Mexican border, as well as the border Brexit raises between Europe and the UK. But also non-literal borders are discussed, such as the border between hearing and deaf people, and borders between people in love.

“Through images and poems, essays and short stories, Romulus depicts and dissects borders as a multi-faceted phenomenon. We hope to contribute in some way to a critical and creative engagement with the borders both in and around us.”

This year's editorial team of Romulus consists of the following people: Eduardo Paredes Ocampo, Emese  Végh, Lisa Heida, Laura González Salmerón, and Gesa Jessen. Read the digital magazine below, or grab yourself a copy at the cafe, Old Lodge, or UCR.