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Simon Faghel-Soubeyrand

Newton International Fellow


Dr. Simon Faghel-Soubeyrand’s research focuses on understanding how the specific content of our perception and experiences guides our behaviour, with a specific focus on visual recognition and episodic memory. He is interested in characterising how our internal representations (e.g. visual information about objects/faces) are supported by our brain, how idiosyncrasies in behaviour (e.g. memorisation ability across individuals) affect these representations, and in understanding how the specific content our mind represents (e.g. visual or concept-like information from an every-day scene at the office) is transformed with the learning of new memories, specifically during sleep. To understand these processes, he uses a combination of behavioural and brain imaging techniques (electroencephalography, functional MRI, EEG-fMRI) as well as machine learning to probe brain representations in a range of different individuals. During his Postdoctoral research, he will tackle questions related to the neural code of episodic memories as they are transformed during sleep.