Philip Kay

Person Type
Supernumerary Fellow

Dr Phillip Kay combines a career in finance with academic research. Having been an undergraduate at Wadham in the 1970s, he returned to Oxford and completed a DPhil in Roman History at Wolfson in 2009. His research interests include the economy of the Roman Republic and the structure and practice of ancient banking. Forthcoming publications include a monograph, Rome's Economic Revolution, to be published by OUP. 

Kay is the Managing Partner of a specialist Japanese fund management firm, PBG Capital, whose flagship fund is the award-winning Akamatsu Fund. He has thirty years of expertise in this field, having held senior positions at Schroders, Smith New Court and Credit Suisse. Kay am also a non-executive director of Fidelity Japanese Values plc and serve as Hon. Treasurer of the Roman Society, this country's leading organisation for the promotion of the study of Rome and its Empire. At Wolfson, he is a member of the College's Investment Committee and chair the Wolfson College Strategy Group.

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