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Paul Leeson

Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine


Paul Leeson is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Oxford and Head of the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility. He is also a Consultant Cardiologist at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, specialised in hypertension and cardiovascular imaging. His research group has pioneered the use of imaging and artificial intelligence in preventive cardiology research to generate insights into how cardiovascular disease develops from early in life and identify better ways to prevent disease in young people. Why hypertension during pregnancy is associated with increased cardiovascular risk for both the mother and child is of particular interest and he leads a MRC-funded programme of work in this area that links together research groups from the UK, North America and Africa The research has had a direct impact on patient care with artificial intelligence diagnostic innovations developed by the group now being used in hospitals in the US and UK. He currently sits on the UK NIHR Invention for Innovation and Fellowship funding panels, NHS NICE Cardiovascular Disease Prevention committe and is a member of the imaging advisory board for UK Biobank.