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Noelia Martinez-Sanchez

Postdocoral Researcher


I am a Molecular Biologist with an MSc in Nutrition. I obtained my PhD in Endocrinology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in 2016, focused on understanding how the thyroid hormones regulate the energy balance, more specifically, how they exert their action in peripheral metabolic organs by modulating specific areas of the central nervous system. After that, I got a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the government of Galicia (Spain) to do my first postdoc in Lisbon (Portugal), to study the peripheral connections between the autonomic nervous system and the fat depots in the context of obesity. Three years later, I got an Individual Marie Curie fellowship and moved to Oxford, to the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics for two years, trying to identify neuro-excitatory therapeutic targets in sympathetic nerves innervating adipose tissue that could lead to the development of drugs against obesity. Recently, in July 2021, I moved to OCDEM with Prof. David Ray to start a fantastic project in adipose tissue in coordination with Prof. David Bechtold from the University of Manchester.