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Mark Pottle

Isaiah Berlin Legacy Fellow

Dr Mark Pottle gained his BA in Modern History at Sheffield in 1984, and undertook doctoral research at Wolfson College. Since completing his DPhil in 1988, Pottle has edited the Diaries and Letters of Violet Bonham Carter in three volumes (1996-2000); written and revised numerous articles for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; and edited a series of First World War texts for publication. 

From 2010, Pottle helped Henry Hardy to complete his edition of the letters of Wolfson’s Founder President, Isaiah Berlin, co-editing Building: Letters 1960-75 and Affirming: Letters 1975-97.  The latter work, published in 2015, brought this project to an end, but he continues as the Isaiah Berlin Legacy Fellow at Wolfson, seeking creative ways of encouraging an interest in Berlin’s remarkable life, and his endlessly fascinating works. Pottle also continue to write on the First World War, and his latest project is an edition of a memoir entitled Gunner on the Somme.