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Lucie Cluver

University Lecturer in Evidence-based Social Intervention


Prof. Lucie Cluver trained as a social worker, and practiced in South Africa and the UK. She works closely with the South African government, USAID-PEPFAR and NGOs such as UNICEF, Save the Children, and WHO, on research to improve health and education of AIDS-affected children in South Africa.


Current projects include a 4-year longitudinal study of mental health amongst 1200 AIDS-orphaned children in; a national survey of 6000 children and 2600 caregivers to determine health and educational impacts of caring for an AIDS-sick caregiver (www.youngcarers.org.za); two randomised controlled trials of child abuse prevention programmes for vulnerable families in South Africa, and a 3-year longitudinal study of predictors of adherence to antiretrovirals amongst HIV+ adolescents. Cluver have acted as a scientific advisor to UNICEF, the WHO, and the South African National Action Committee for Children Affected by AIDS (NACCA).