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Ida Toth

University Research Lecturer, Convener of Medieval Latin, Byzantine Greek, and Byzantine Epigraphy, The Faculties of History and Classics


Ida Toth is a historian of late antique and medieval literary (and textual) culture working in the Greek, Latin, and Slavonic linguistic areas. She convenes graduate courses in Medieval Latin, Byzantine Greek, and Byzantine Epigraphy, and she supervises master and doctoral students in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies. Dr Toth’s external appointments include charing the the International Commission for Byzantine Epigraphy and the Membership Board of the British Committee for Byzantine Studies. She is a co-editor of the series Studies in Byzantine Epigraphy (Brepols). Dr Toth has been awarded an Einstein Berlin-Oxford Visiting Fellowship for the project ‘The Seven Sages of Rome Revisited: Striving for an Alternative Literary History’ (2024-27).

Dr Toth’s areas of expertise include rhetoric and performance, epigraphy, and wisdom literature. She currently works on the Greek and Slavonic traditions of the Life of Aesop and on medieval inscriptions from Constantinople.