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Helidah Ogude-Chambert

Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development


Helidah Ogude-Chambert is a Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development at Oxford Department of International Development and a Supernumerary Fellow at Wolfson College. Her interdisciplinary scholarship is situated within migration/mobilities studies, decolonial feminist thought, discourse and affect studies, and race-critical theories. She is concerned with understanding and revealing the various ways in which political elites manipulate emotions and public discourse in ways that normalize migrant precarity and justify state practices of cruelty and racialised expulsion. She has over 15 years of professional experience in migration and development practice, working on a range of social policy issues. Her professional experience includes working at the World Bank across various countries in Africa and East Asia as a Social Development Specialist, and for the Government of South Africa (The Presidency and Economic Ministry) as a Senior Policy Researcher. Helidah holds a Ph.D. in Public and Urban Policy (Migration Policy) from The New School in New York and an MS in Global Affairs (Conflict Prevention and International Development) from New York University. She was previously a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre. She is currently a non-resident Senior Fellow at New York University’s Centre for Global Affairs (2023/24).