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Donna Kurtz

An ad feminam post in the University involved establishing the Beazley Archive as an international centre for the study of classical Greek art, teaching undergraduates in the Faculty of Classics, taking more than forty graduates, (many of them students of the college) through successful doctorates in the School of Archaeology, and publishing four series on classical art with thirteen volumes in eleven years, in addition to publishing her own books, articles and online resources.

Professor Donna Kurtz’s interest in world art and public access to scholarly data developed from the Archive being housed in the Ashmolean Museum for forty years and from two web sites – The World of Ancient Art (www.waa.ox.ac.uk) for the School of Archaeology and The World of Art on the Semantic Web (www.clarosnet.org) for the University’s e-research centre (www.oerc.ox.ac.uk).

Kurtz’s interest in ICT began in 1979 and resulted in the creation of the Archive’s major research databases (www.beazley.ox.ac.uk) and the direction of international digital research projects. Within the college she proposed the Digital Research Cluster and co-direct it with ICT researchers.

As a Senior Research Fellow of OeRC Kurtz has a special interest in interoperability/open linked data and facilitating collaborative research across Humanities, Social Sciences and MPLS. Her proposal for a Cultural Heritage Programme in the Humanities Division exemplifies this by enabling doctoral students and senior members to engage in collaborative research across Archaeology, Oriental Studies, Law, Technology, Said Business School and the University’s Museums and Collections.