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David De Roure


David De Roure is Professor of e-Research and jointly based in the Oxford e-Research Centre (Department of Engineering Science) and the Humanities Division. He is Director of the Digital Research Cluster. He is a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, and an Oxford Martin Senior Fellow.


David’s research is distinctively interdisciplinary. Focused on advancing digital scholarship, he works closely with multiple disciplines including music, humanities, social sciences, engineering, and computer science. He has extensive experience in hypertext, Web Science, Linked Data, and Internet of Things. Drawing on this broad interdisciplinary background he is a frequent speaker and writer on the future of digital scholarship and scholarly communications.


David was Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre 2012-17. From 2009 he was the UK National Strategic Director for Digital Social Research for the Economic and Social Research Council, and subsequently a Strategic Advisor. He was closely involved in the UK e-Science programme and a founder of the UK Software Sustainability Institute.


Prior to moving to Oxford in 2010 David was Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southampton, UK. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. 

Research Interests:


Digital Scholarship, including innovation in digital methods and interdisciplinarity.


Digital Humanities and collaborations with libraries, archives, and creative industries. 

Data science and music, including the use of AI in composition.

Social data science, focusing on new and emerging forms of data and Internet of Things.

Research infrastructure, including computational methods, automation, and software sustainability.