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Published on:
Monday 29 April 2024

Wolfson Wins on Decarbonisation

Wolfson is pleased to announce that it has clinched the Best Low Carbon Building award at the Ox Prop Fest Awards 2023.

The annual Ox Prop Fest Awards celebrate excellence in property and construction in Oxfordshire, with particular emphasis on corporate social responsibility and social impact, the reduction of carbon emissions, and the promotion of biodiversity and green space. Wolfson is delighted to have received the Best Low Carbon Building award in recognition of the retrofitting work the College has undertaken on its Grade II listed Powell & Moya buildings, which date from 1974. The work, which included fitting new insulation, the replacement of all windows with ultra-thin, energy-efficient triple-glazing, and the installation of a bespoke heat pump system, is part of a broader project to eliminate all fossil fuel use in the College by the end of 2023, in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the completion of Wolfson’s main site.

Wolfson was part of a competitive shortlist, with contenders including the recently completed Cheng Yu Tung Building at Jesus College and the Institute of Developmental & Regenerative Medicine on Oxford University’s Old Road Campus. Wolfson’s Home Bursar, Chris Licence, who has been instrumental in the decarbonisation project, accepted the award on behalf of the College at a ceremony at Keble College on Tuesday.

“Back in 2021, Wolfson set out on what we thought was an impossible journey,” said Sir Tim Hitchens, President of the College. “Eliminating all carbon emissions from our site seemed impossible only a few years ago; it’s a miraculous achievement and my thanks go to everyone at the College who has worked so hard to make this happen. It’s a pleasure to be honoured by professionals committed to the net zero transition.” 

The awards showcased the region’s growing focus on sustainable construction as Oxfordshire adapts to the global need to reducing carbon emissions. Wolfson will have no fossil fuel heating by the end of 2023, and is already offsetting its ‘Scope 3’ emissions.