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Published on:
Monday 29 April 2024
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Wolfson Fellow Harish Bhaskaran develops first-of-its-kind AI Technology

Wolfson College Supernumerary Fellow Harish Bhaskaran is leading a team of scientists from across Europe to develop game-changing hardware that can accelerate the data processing and efficiency of AI tasks beyond anything we know today.

Recent strides in artificial intelligence over the last few years have required processing power to double every 3.5 months, which is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain with conventional computer chips. In response, Professor Bhaskaran’s team is developing a first-of-its-kind technology that uses light to process 3D data at exceptional speed. The advances made by Professor Bhaskaran and his team have the potential to provide a 10,000% increase in energy efficiency and computer density.

The results achieved by Professor Bhaskaran’s team come at a crucial juncture for AI research, with the UK Government’s first AI Safety Summit taking place next week. “This is an exciting time to be doing research in AI hardware at the fundamental scale,” Professor Bhaskaran said. “This work is one example of how we can push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.”

Wolfson’s research community maintains strong interests in AI and revolutionary computer technologies. The College hosts Research Clusters in Cross-Disciplinary Machine Learning (XML) and Quantum Foundations, and the Quantum Hub.