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Published on:
Tuesday 30 April 2024
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Wolfson Achieves Perfect Accommodation Score

Wolfson has achieved a 100% pass rate in an independent audit of the College’s accommodation, reflecting our commitment to providing the best possible residential experience.

Since 2006, all university accommodation in the UK has been required by law to meet strict standards approved by the government. These codes of practice have been designed to protect the right of students to safe, good quality accommodation, wherever they are studying, and to make sure they get the best out of their time at university when in residence.

Wolfson was one of three Oxford colleges audited in 2024. In March, our accommodation underwent a rigorous, multi-stage assessment, covering everything from cleanliness and maintenance to access to health services. Our facilities were put through a forensic on-site inspection by a team of auditors from Universities UK, who also combed through the College’s policies and procedures relating to accommodation and domestic services.

Wolfson is proud to have passed with flying colours, with no actions or notes for improvement raised by the auditors. Achieving the 100% pass rate is a great achievement, with Wolfson the only college to achieve a perfect score this year. This makes Wolfson’s accommodation services currently second to none in Oxford.

The 100% pass rate reflects the time and effort Wolfson’s Home Bursary team dedicates to maintaining and improving the College’s accommodation, and the excellent service they provide across all areas of our domestic operations. Whether you’re a student, fellow, or guest of the College, you can be assured that our team are working to provide the very best accommodation experience and deliver continuous improvements.