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Published on:
Tuesday 30 April 2024
College & Community

New Playground Completed at Wolfson

Wolfson is delighted to announce the completion of a brand-new playground for the use of families at the College, made possible by a generous donation.

Following twenty-five years of faithful service, the old equipment in the College grounds has been retired and replaced with a wonderful bespoke playground designed and built by Natural Playscapes. The new play equipment includes monkey bars, a rope bridge, slide, balance beam, new swings and a basket swing for the use of our youngest members.

With the works and safety inspections now complete, the playground is due to open over the Easter weekend.

Following a generous donation from Wolfson alumni, planning and consultation on the new playground began in May 2023. Grappling with the challenges of repeated flooding, over February and March the installation team removed the old equipment from the old site, laid new rubber mulch that offers a soft landing in the event of trips and falls, and constructed an elevated circuit of bridges and beams that looks out over the Wolfson marsh. The design also features colourful canopies, mirrors and windows.

We look forward to seeing the younger members of our community put the playground through rigorous testing in the coming weeks. We hope it meets with their approval!