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Published on:
Monday 29 April 2024

Electric Minibus Progress

For forty-five years, Wolfson’s minibus service has ferried researchers back and forth through the city of Oxford. Now, as part of the College’s ongoing efforts to cut our Scope 3 carbon emissions, Wolfson is investing in electric transport.

Students, staff and fellows will long have been familiar with the iconic Wolfson minibus, which runs every twenty minutes between the College and departments and libraries in the heart of Oxford. Having successfully eliminated fossil fuel use from our on-site heating systems, in early 2023 Wolfson commissioned a 100% electric, customised Fiat E-Ducato to replace the previous diesel vehicle, which will further reduce emissions from our activities.  

Having travelled from the port of Dover to the workshop in Derbyshire, the electric minibus is in the final phase of production and is due to be delivered later this autumn. Following a tradition begun in 1978, the minibus will be decked out in Wolfson livery. It is estimated that use of the minibus will save 8600kg of CO2 every year.

The temporary, nine-seater service will continue until the electric minibus arrives later this autumn. Full timetables and service status can be found on the Wolfson website. Wolfson also hosts a fleet of electric Voi scooters and is home to an OxBikes rental and sales depot.

Above: windows are cut into the body of the minibus. Photo: Minibus Options.